Outlet trip! (First visit in Maryland!)

So it turns out that there are 2 outlet malls (with Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works) each about 1 hour from my new home in Maryland! Unfortunately, I know longer have Jenna as a partner in crime…but I really needed new running shoes and finally convinced my husband to accompany me!

Here are my notable mentions and finds! (There will also be a 2nd post of new tart scents coming soon!)

Christmas in JulyFirst of all…the Yankee Candle Outlet was having a Christmas in July sale. This display…and a few others with medium jars and tumblers…were set up at the front. AND Christmas music was playing! It’s too bad I’m not very organized right now….it would have been a great time to start Christmas shopping! There were no new Christmas scents that i could see.

Honey Glow

1) Honey Glow, Yankee Candle: I really liked this scent! It is similar to a mash-up of Vanilla Oak and Amber Sunset. It had a pleasant musk note with a hint of sweetness and and almost woodsy or earthy note. It was very unique and smelled wonderful. It was also husband approved!

Enchanted Garden2) Enchanted Garden, Yankee Candle: Okay, this scented isn’t new, but definitely qualifies as a notable mention! Enchanted Garden was a Treasure from a few years ago. the scent is Evening Air, but the Lawn Gnome picture is just too cute!


3) Yankee Candle Pillars: I’m going to call this the “Garden” Collection. From the labels, I can’t tell if this pillar collection would be aimed for Homegoods or Yankee Candle stores.


3.1) Garden Herb and Wild Berry: Mixed feelings on these! I loved Wild Berry…it smelled like sun-ripened raspberries. Fresh red, and juicy! But, I didn’t care for Garden Herb. It smelled a tad artificial and perfumey. (In my opinion, Snap Peas by Bath & Body Works is vastly superior!)

Garden23.2) Citrus Zest and Sunny Blossoms: Again, these were just okay. Citrus Zest was a little generic, but did remind me of the World Journey Sicilian Orange. Sunny Blossoms was also pleasant. I hate floral scents, but it smelled similar to Yankee Candle’s retired Sunflower scent!

Fall 3 layer

4) I Love Fall 3-layer Candle, Bath & Body Works: Wow! I had never seen a tri-scented candle from BBW before! The layers are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sweater Weather, and Apple Pumpkin. Loved this idea and hope to see more!

Bath and Body Works

5) Green Apple Orchard, Leaves, and Pumpkin Apple: The only new one here is Green Apple Orchard…and it’s great! A sour and sweet apple scent!

Fall minis

6) So Many Pumpkins, So Little Time, Bath & Body Works: This collection was just adorable! Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Pumpkin Caramel Latte, Caramel Pumpkin, Vanilla Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Cider!

Smart Soap

7) Smart Soap, Bath & Body Works: These soaps are new…they are no-touch dispensers. It’s a neat new idea that will hopefully catch on! But…the soap refills are more expensive that the regular soaps (3/&18). I’m on the fence about these so far….the scents are limited and more pricy, but I do like the idea!


Okay, so there are my finds at the outlet! Happy hunting!

-Kari Ann-

Market Peach

Market Peach from Bath & Body Works is a seasonal scent. For the last few years, it has been part of their summer line. The label design and color may change slightly year-to-year, but the scent has stayed the same. This candle is from their summer 2012 design.

I love peaches….and I find that many candle brands can never capture a peach scent. Yankee Candle, for example, smells a tad artificial to me. Bath & Body Works’ Market Peach is probably my favorite peach scent to date.

Market PeachThe Scent: Fresh, juicy, ripe peaches. Market Peach is a pure peach scent that is fruity and defines summertime for me! A-

The Throw: While I love this scent, and Bath & Body Works candles in general, Market Peach’s throw is a tad disappointing. It is detectable, and did fill up my living room . I’d say it’s a light-medium throw. So you will be able to smell it, but it will leave you wishing it was a little stronger. Compared to other BBW scent I’ve tried, this one is probably average. B-

Overall, I’ve been a fan of Market Peach for a few years. Even though the throw is just okay, I love the scent enough to still buy it! And, there is a fall version of their peach scent, Harvest Peaches, that I am dying to try!

-Kari Ann-

Cinnamon Vanilla

My husband asked me the other day: “have you ever had a dud?”

This question was prompted by me trying a Cinnamon Vanilla tart for the first time. Cinnamon Vanilla was a new Spring 2014 scent from Yankee Candle that had some fairly positive reviews.

I was excited to try this new scent because, cold, it smelled just like horchata…a creamy chilled drink of vanilla rice milk and fresh cinnamon. However, I ended up very disappointed. I am not sure if I got a dud, or if this scent just isn’t for me!

Cinnamon Vanilla The Scent: When this tart was melting, the predominant note was maple. Yes, maple. It smelled like my husband was cooking maple sausage or that I had a tart of Maple Pancakes melting instead! Underneath the maple scent was a dash of cinnamon and an even quieter hint of vanilla cream. Very disappointing! The maple note was okay…but I didn’t want maple, I wanted a vanilla-cinnamon mash-up. D+

The Throw: This is why I thought I got a dud…the throw was so weak! It was very light, although still detectable. Many reviews were positive about the throw, so I am not sure if this tart was just an anomaly or if the throw is just poor. D+

Overall, I love the cold scent of Cinnamon Vanilla, but it just didn’t deliver for me. The throw was weak and only smellable if I was right next to the tart warmer. And that strong maple note overwhelmed any horchata-like notes.

I will probably get another tart during the Labor Day $1 sale to retry it…so stay tuned!

Does anyone else have any thoughts or experiences with this scent?

-Kari Ann-

Relaxing Rituals: Comfort

The Relaxing Rituals collection from Yankee Candle combines 3 scents to create a certain “mood.” It’s basically aromatherapy.

This past Semi-Annual Sale had many of the Relaxing Ritual products were on clearance. One of those was the scent Comfort. I was told by the amazing Sales Associate at my old Yankee Candle that the entire Comfort line had been discontinued.

ComfortThe Scent: Comfort combines the scents of Cardamon, Rose, and Cedarwood. I have mixed feelings on this one. It was a nice scent that did create a relaxing environment (weird how aromatherapy does work). The most dominant scent is the cedarwood…which comes off as an incense, sandalwood-like scent. That is why I’m mixed, as I am not a huge fan of sandalwood or rose scents. But, if you like incense and floral blends, I could see this being great. B

The Throw: The throw was pretty great. It created a medium ambiance-creating throw that was soothing. Even after my tealight burnt out, the scent of Comfort still lingered for hours in my apartment! A-


Overall, Comfort is just not my type of scent. I bought it solely for the 75% off Semi-Annual Sale price…and I’m glad I did. Even though cedarwood, rose, and cardamon are not on my “most favorite” list, I still enjoyed this scent. The Relaxing Rituals line doesn’t seem to be popular…but so far I’ve enjoyed it!

-Kari Ann-

London Calling

London Calling from Bath & Body Works is one of the greatest scents to come out in the last few years (in my opinion!). It premiered 2 holidays ago as part of BBW’s version of the World Journey Collection. They sold out rather quickly….and luckily returned this year.

London Calling 2However, London Calling sold out pretty quickly again this year! Here’s to hoping it returns this year!

The Scent: Tea & Lemon! London calling smells like freshly brewed black tea with a generous lemon squeeze! If you like Yankee Candle’s Tea & Honey….this is the closest scent I’ve found to it! Basically it’s YC’s Tea & Honey, minus the honey, plus fresh lemon! Love it! A

The Throw: Spectacular!!! Now this is a throw! It quickly filled up my living room with a strong to medium-strong throw! A

London Calling 1 I love London Calling and have to give a huge shout out to Jenna who scored me this find as a graduation gift! I love these cute tins as well!

-Kari Ann-

Refreshing Bamboo Water (BH&G)

I bought these Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes two years ago from Walmart during their Winter/Holiday clearance. My husband loves the more “fresh” scents, so I always try to mix a few into my collection. Yesterday I finally used up the last of Refreshing Bamboo Water.

Refreshing Bamboo Water The Scent: A fresh, green, and watery scent. I don’t really know what bamboo smells like…but I hope it’s like this! Refreshing Bamboo Water creates the scent illusions that you are walking throw a bamboo reed garden that is emerged in a few inches of slightly floral, but mostly green smelling water. Very relaxing and fresh. B

The Throw: Spectacular! This baby gives of a medium-strong throw that completely filled up my living area! Another example of an example throw from this BH&G line! A


Overall, it;s personally not my type of scent (I’m more of a fruit/foodie)….but the scent is pleasant and a huge hit with my husband! I haven’t been into a Walmart in a while, so I am not sure if this scent is discontinued or available.

-Kari Ann-

Homegoods Trip

Homegoods has been lacking in the candles as of late! I’ve been a few times since I moved to Maryland….and haven’t seen too much that was “picture-worthy,” let alone tempting to buy.

However, yesterday I found a few candles to mention :) No purchases….but finally Homegoods is getting a more diverse Yankee Candles selection!


1) Chocolate Layer Cake: Yankee Candle released a limited edition line dessert collect two summers ago….and these scents are now popping up at Homegoods. I find Chocolate Layer Cake surprising because it’d one of the “new” Fall 2014 scents! I’m not really a fan of this scent….the chocolate oils just don’t sit well with me and make me feel a bit nauseous (to be honest).







22) Banana Cream Cake: This scent is also part of the 2012 dessert line. I actually love this one, but I’ve never burned it so I don’t know how the throw is. It’s a creamy banana scent with hints of vanilla and butter. Yum! The third scent from this collection, Red Velvet Cake, was not here…but I’ve seen people post on facebook that they’ve seen it!

33) Lemonade: Okay, so this scent is definitely Country Lemonade. I absolutely loved Country Lemonade, and still have a tumbler stashed away! It is a super sweet and tangy lemon scent that screams summer, old fashioned, lemonade.








44) Triple Berry: Triple Berry was part of last summer’s Cool Pop line. It is a sweet berry mash-up with dominant notes of strawberry and raspberry. It is a wonderful blend of these summer fruits! I also saw a Melon Margarita, so if you liked this line, keep an eye out!








65) Everyday Luxe, Living Room: So far, I really like this Everyday Luxe brand. I bought a few as Mother’s Day gifts and the throws were crazy good! I love the concept this brand is going for: a candle scent for each room in the house. It’s cute. Living Room was a green/cedar based scent…woodsy and herbal. It was okay, but NOT for me.








56) Everyday Luxe, Bedroom: This one was lavender. Again, not for me, but very soothing.










Okay, so hopefully Homegoods with continue to get fun and unique candles! I’m looking forward to the fall scents that should be arriving soon!

-Kari Ann-

Tokyo Petals

Jenna bought me this Wallflower bulb of Tokyo Petals from Bath & Body Works as a gift for my Ph.D. defense. Tokyo Petals was the only new “world” themed scents that I wanted to try. And I’m glad I did try it!

Tokyo PetalsThe Scent: This scent is so well balanced and fresh! It belongs in my bathroom! The Japanese Cherry blossom note is very subtle and comes off as almost fresh. That floral note combines perfectly with a sweet raspberry-like scent. But the icy and wine-like sake just makes it so unique and wonderful! It’s a combination of a fresh, floral, and fruit scent…which is a very rare thing to balance in the scent world! B+

The Bulb Throw: Wonderful! My bathroom instantly began to fill up with a “background” scent of Tokyo Petals. It’s one of those scents that’s is a medium throw when you first walk into the room…but begins to “light” as your nose gets used to it. It’s perfect for a cat’s litter box. B+


Overall, I am enjoying Tokyo Petals. I’m glad Jenna bought it for me, because I usually shy away from floral scents…but this one is a mash-up of fruit, fresh, and floral that hits the spot!

-Kari Ann-

Bath & Body Works

I recently used up the last of 2 body lotions from bath & Body Works that are now retired. I thought I’d give a quick review of them!

bath & body works Wild Apple Daffodil: This scent is okay (in my opinion). It was part of a Spring 2013 line from last year that all featured some type of floral-mix scent. The apple-daffodil was my favorite…probably because it had the weakest floral note (which I hate in my fragrances). The light spring bloom scent is balanced nicely with a fresh red apple. It’s nice…but I won’t miss this one!

Apple Blossom Citrus: I love this scent from a 2012 Citrus line release two summers ago. A light lemon-lime scent is mashed with a tart green apple and just a hint of a white floral note. This one screams “fresh” to me!

I bought both of these body lotions during last summer’s Semi-Annual Sale at Bath & Body Works. It’s a great time to try a new scent from cheap……the only downside….if you like the scent, there is a high chance you’ll never see it again!

-Kari Ann-

Carrot Cake

I’ve had this tart of Carrot Cake lying around for a while. I bought it at Yankee Candle Village last year and decided it was a great time to melt it. I had gotten my hands on one other Carrot Cake tart last year and loved it.

Carrot CakeThe Scent: A spicy cake. Carrot Cake smells more like Spice Cake to me…probably because it doesn’t have that strong of a cream cheese note. The spiciness of cinnamon, nutmeg, along with shavings of carrot, are wonderful. The sweetness of the frosting is secondary…which is nice, however, i do wish it was a tad stronger. Basically, Carrot Cake is more of a savory cake scent that a sweet bakery treat! B+


The Throw: The throw is okay, a medium to light-medium. It definitely filled up my living room with a constant and fairly long-lasting throw. I do wish it was a tad stronger, but overall, it’s pretty great. B


Overall, I really like Carrot Cake. It may not have that sweet, cream cheese note in it that make real Carrot Cake taste good…but it’s a welcomed change from the often too sweet dessert candles. I just wish the throw was stronger!

-Kari Ann-