Farmstand Apple

Jenna gave me this mason jar candle of Farmstand Apple for Christmas. As always, my sister has excellent taste!


Firstly, look how cute this mason jar is! It was so adorable, I almost didn’t want to burn it!


The Scent: A fresh, Macintosh apple scent! This is a perfect, crisp and clean apple-scented candle. And it may also have just a dash of caramel to add something sweet! A-

The Throw: Excellent! This candle started filling up my living area almost immediately! It is a medium to a medium-strong that will linger in a room! It is a perfect fruity scent that will throw likeĀ  a superstar! A-


These Bath & Body Works candles have really been impressing me lately! Farmstand Apple is another great scent and throw to add to the list!

-Kari Ann-


Chilled Berry Bellini

Chilled Berry Bellini is from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart. I bought this wax cube last winter and thought the warm weather here in Rhode Island was good time to try it out!

Chilled Berry Belini

The Scent: Wonderful! This is a bubbly blend of sweet peach syrup and raspberries! It is cool and refreshing and fruity…just perfect for warm weather. My 8 year old niece-in-law even declared: “wow it smells soooooo good in here!” when she came over to do some arts and crafts. A-

The Throw: Tremendous! This one was a medium-strong throw that filled up my entire living area and even drifted upstairs! Definitely an example of an excellent throw! A


Overall, I loved Chilled Berry Bellini! This was a refreshing scent that really added a peach punch to my living room!

-Kari Ann-

Luau Party

Luau Party is a new Spring 2014 scent at Yankee Candle. I recently grabbed a tart of it during the $1 tart sale!

Luau Party

The Scent: This is a fruity, tropical, blended mixed drink type of scent. It’s got notes of citrus fruits like orange, dashes of pineapple and coconut, hints of peach, and a icy blend of vanilla. It is very nice and is almost a complementary scent to Bahama Breeze. It is a nice scent, but it’s lacking a “specialness” to me. However, I do like it…..I just prefer Bahama Breeze to be perfectly honest. B

The Throw: The throw was average, and light-medium to medium strength. It filled up my living area, but it left me wishing it was a bit stronger. C+


Overall, Luau Party was a nice scent, it just doesn’t stand out in the sea of new summer/spring scents (to me at least).

-Kari Ann-

Better Homes & Gardens Spring 2014

Wow, there are a ton of new wax cubes from the Better Homes & Gardens/ScentSationals line at Walmart! I bought a few as Easter gifts (post coming soon), but here are a few notable mentions that didn’t come home with me!


1) Fro Yo: I am an avid froyo lover…so I found this ScentSationals scent to be hilarious and wonderful. It it basically a blueberry scent, but extra credit for the name!


2) Tea Thyme: This scent is a black tea scent with a dash of green-y spice from the thyme. It reminded me of Tea & Honey from Yankee Candle, if the honey was substituted for thyme. Not as good as the Yankee Candle version, but close!


3) Chai Tea: Attention Vanilla Chai lovers….this scent is fairly close to the now discontined Yankee Candle scent from this fall! This one is not as good as the Yankee Candle version, but I enjoyed the milky, spicy tea scent!


4) Perfect Corner Bakery: This scent was a delightfully chaotic mixture of bakery goods….cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, raspberry linzers….it was very different and nice…but didn’t make the cut for me!


5) Jamaican Coconut Fizz: I wanted to like this one so bad…but something was off (too me at least). It was trying to be a lime & coconut scent, but something about this blend was…well…just off.


6) Bali Island Spice: This scent reminded me of Bath & Body Work’s scent Tropical Spice. It was a sandalwood, floral, and tropical fruit blend that was both exotic and unique. Not for me though!


Overall, I find that the six scents I listed about have similar scents from Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works…..and the YC and B&BW versions are better (in my opinion). However, but of the scents I compared these too are retired….so by default, they win!

-Kari Ann-


Be Thankful

Lucky for me, I had one tart of Be Thankful that was only about 2 years old (and still had it’s scent!)

Backstory: I love Be Thankful. When I was an undergraduate living in a college dorm, candles were not allowed. However, I still enjoyed going into Yankee Candle and smelling the new or seasonal scents. My freshmen year, I came across Be Thankful and just had to buy a votive for my mother as a Thanksgiving’s Day gift (she always hosts this holiday). She lit the votive…and the rest was history! The whole apartment smelled like a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and I was hooked on this scent.

Today: Be Thankful was retired last year. In it’s place, Yankee Candle released a Thanksgiving line consisting of: Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potato Pie, and Turkey & Stuffing. While I really enjoyed the cold scents to Cranberry Sauce (sold out too fast for me to buy one at the SAS!) and Sweet Potato Pie (bought this one at 75% off)…..Turkey & Stuffing was gross! A Yankee Candle sales associate told me that Turkey & Stuffing was supposed to replace Be Thankful.…..I can tell by the amount of 75% off Turkey & Stuffing candles left over after the SAS that this scent will never come back.

Be Thankful2

The Scent: Be Thankful is successful because it blends together all the best scents of Thanksgiving. Be Thankful is a complex blend of spices, sugar, and fruit…with maybe a hint of butter. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and maybe even anise all blend together to highlight the warmth of the season. Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, so those spices bridge the fall into winter gap! Next is a layer of brown sugarĀ  to add a sweetness. Lastly, and what sets this scent apart to me, is notes of apple (almost like an apple pie). Be Thankful captures the dessert part of Thanksgiving without being a dessert-like scent! A

The Throw: Be Thankful is not a “knock your socks off” scent, but it is a medium that fills up a large space. It provided a pleasant background scent that will warm your home without over-powering it. Thus, it was the perfect scent as a Thanksgivings Day back-drop! B


Overall, I miss this scent! The Yankee Candle blogs have been buzzing rumors that it will come back this year! (aka Yankee Candle learned their mistake!). I hope so…I could see it come back as part of a Thanksgiving’s Day collection!

-Kari Ann-

Tutti Fruiti

Tutti Fruiti is a retired Yankee Candle scent that definitely makes it into my top ten all time favorite candle scents! I melted my very last tart of it the other day, and boy does this one not disappoint!

Tutti Fruiti

The Scent: A sugary sweet fruity mash-up that reminds me of childhood lollipops and other swirled fruity hard candies. It smells like a sugared blend of raspberry, lemon, blueberry, lime, and maybe touches of grape and strawberry. The picture, to me, visually captures this scent! A+

The Throw: is a solid medium! This tart will fill up a medium to large sized room with a perfect medium throw that is constantly and consistently detectable but is not over-powering and headache-inducing. It also lasts (strongly) for a long time. I easily got 2-3 tealights from this baby! A-


Overall, I adore Tutti Fruiti. There is something whimsical about the scent that reminds me of laughter, childhood, and the dog days of summer (as a kid on school vacation!).

-Kari Ann-

Boston Strong

One year ago today 2 bombs went off at the Boston Marathon, killing 3 people and injuring many. Along with most of the country I spent the next week glued to the news waiting for the people responsible to be caught. I was shocked when Officer Collier was killed, adding another victim as a result of the bombings. I know I live a bit south of the city, but Boston is my home. I am so proud of my city and all the first responders. I may be biased, but how many cities would shut down entirely (including suburbs) for an entire day in order to get justice.

Shortly after the bombings, Yankee Candle announced a Boston Strong candle to benefit the One Fund. I’ve never paid full price for a candle before, but I didn’t even think twice before purchasing this one.

The scent is their home sweet home scent. I’ve kept it stored since last, not sure if I would ever light it and maybe just keep it as a decoration candle. However, today it felt like lighting it would be the right thing. I love this candle and am so happy I purchased it. It just adds another reason to why I like YC so much, they create a great product and raised money for a great cause. -Jenna-


Lemon Ice & Coconut Vanilla Swirl

I bought this swirl of Lemon Ice & Coconut Vanilla on clearance (50% off) at Target two summers ago. It was part of Target’s Yankee Candle Home Classics line that I have had great success with in the past!

However, this swirl candle has been a dud for me! This is sad because I absolutely love the cold throw and expected it to have a good throw! (Most Yankee Candle lemon scents are awesome!)


The Scent: A sweet and icy lemon mixed with a creamy vanilla-coconut combo. This scent has tropical summer getaway written all over it! The lemon reminds me of the Italian Ice treats from childhood and the Coconut Vanilla is the same scent as the new summer Yankee candle Coconut & Vanilla (or the #4 on the discontinued coconut collection.) A-

The Throw: Is basically non-existent. Of the 40 or so hours I’ve been burning this candle, I’ve only been able to “smell” it for about 10 minutes…and that is if I’m walking by right next to it. It’s a shame, but I can’t even smell the scent 10 feet away from the candle! This one is a total disappointment. F+


So, if I ever want to recreate a vanilla, lemon, coconut swirled scent, I probably just melt a tart of Meyer Lemon with Coconut & Vanilla.

-Kari Ann-


Eggnog Face Off!

Okay, so I’ve compared two eggnog scents recently and the question I keep asking myself: which one is better?

Team Yankee Candle with their retired, and heavily missed, Eggnog or Team Better Homes & Gardens fast selling Creamy Spiced Eggnog.

Eggnog Eggnog

So let’s compare the two!

1) Scent: This is probably the most important parameter to measure…and is a tough one! Yankee Candle’s Eggnog has that classic vanilla and cinnamon creamy tone, however, there is something about BH&G’s Creamy Spiced Eggnog that pushes it one step further! The BH&G version is extra creamy with a better balance of spice and vanilla egginess. So: Point to BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog!

2) Throw: While both scents have decent and reliable throws, I find that the BH&G version has a slightly stronger throw and presence (can fill up a larger room). So: Point to BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog!

3) How long the scent lasts: Okay, I measure the “time” aspect by how many tealights I can use to melt a tart before it’s throw is too weak. Both Yankee Candle and BH&G’s scents last 2 tealights (~8 hours) for me. So: It’s a tie!

4) Availability: Yankee Candle’s Eggnog is retired, but it pops up often at Outlets or occasionally as a holiday treasure. So if you live near a Yankee Candle outlet, its a possibility you’ll find this scent. (But that is only to a small % of the population!). The BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog has been sold in Walmart for the last 3 years…however, it sells out fast! In fact, I didn’t even buy any this year since my store sold out before I could stock up! Thus, the BH&G version is first come, first enjoy! So: This one is tough…for me it’s a tie. To anyone not near a Yankee Candle out (aka me soon), point goes to BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog!

5) The husband factor: Okay…so this is my way of saying “how does the people who live with me like the scent?” It’s fine if I enjoy it, but how does a partner, friend, sibling, etc like the scent? This one is no contest for my husband Mike. His favorite scent of all time is the BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog. He likes this scent so much, he actually will melt it one his own (this is the only scent with that honor!) So: BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog!


The overall winner: BH&G Creamy Spiced Eggnog!


What are you thoughts?????

-Kari Ann-



Eggnog (Yankee Candle)

I find eggnog as a drink disgusting….but eggnog as a candle scent amazing! So, I thought it was time to melt my last tart of Yankee Candle’s Eggnog.

Eggnog is a now retired scent from Yankee Candle, but it pops up now and then at Outlets or as a treasure during the holiday season!


The Scent: A creamy blend of frothy milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg…and maybe a dash of rum. It smells just like the eggnog my husband loves to drink (the Silk version that’s dairy-free). It is warming and makes me nostalgic for the winter holiday season! A

The Throw: The throw of this holiday throw-back is a medium. It has a decent throw that can fill up a middle-sized room pretty well. It’s not as strong as the pine scents I’ve reviewed previously…but it is by no means a disappointment! B


Overall, I love Yankee Candle’s Eggnog….just another scent I wish they’d bring back!

-Kari Ann-