Raspberry Meringue (BBW Soap)

I love Bath & Body Works foam soaps. They come in such a diverse range of scents and are even cute decorations. I especially love using their holiday-themed soaps to get into the holiday spirit.

As always, B&BW soaps are ~$6.50 each, or heavily discounted if you buy more (for example, they had a 5/$18 sale this weekend that is almost always going on). Since I didn’t want to buy 5 soaps, I settled for over-paying for just one to last me until the good holiday sales begin (and so that I don’t end up with 5 holiday soaps….that would last me until the spring!)

raspberry meringueRaspberry Meringue was hands down my favorite of the holiday dessert-themed hand soaps. It is a juicy berry scent mashed with creamy vanilla. It’s wonderful and I just love the smell of my hands after I use it!

And I love how cute the bottle is too! It’s not a generic red and green design but still screams holiday!

-Kari Ann-

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus is another new Yankee Candle scent that I found at a Yankee Candle outlet a few weeks ago. I’ve seen it now a few times in the outlets…for example, it was there this weekend at the Queenstown, MD outlet mall!

Unfortunately, I absolutely hated it!

This is a great time for me to give my “scent disclaimer.” I will be giving this scent will be getting a low grade, but that does not mean it’s a bad scent! I encourage everyone to sniff for themselves since liking a candle scent is based on personal opinion.

Pink HibiscusThe Scent: an over-bearing floral scent. This read to me a perfume-y and way too flowery. It was a bit stifling and I really just did not like it. I have a (red) hibiscus tree in my house, and it is has a light and sweet scent. This was just a powerful blast of a synthetic flower, to me at least! F+

The Throw: On the plus side, the throw was fairly impressive. It filled up my living room in a solid medium. It was impressive and deserves a solid B+

Overall, if you like floral scents, the throw was pretty excellent on this one and will fill up a large room! It’s just not a scent for me. I gave it a chance, but I hope to never melt this one again!

-Kari Ann-

Buttermilk Pancakes

What a disappointment! Buttermilk Pancakes was the very first tart I melted at my new house, and it had barely any throw!

I found this scent at a Yankee Candle outlet a few weeks ago and was excited to try it!

Buttermilk PancakesThe Scent: It was so light, I couldn’t even begin to describe this scent. It had some “cakey” and “buttery” notes….but beyond that, I can’t describe it. I was hoping it would smell similar to the new Belgian Waffles, but I can’t really say! D

The Throw: Both cold and melted, I couldn’t smell a thing! It was like I didn’t even have a tart melting! After a few hours, I gave up and switched to a jar candle. F

Overall, I hope that I find Buttermilk Pancakes again to give it another try. I always like to think that a no-throw tart could be a dud. Before I announce this new Yankee Candle scent as a waste of money, I’d like to give it one more try!

-Kari Ann

Grapefruit Fizz (Febreze Air Effects)

I love the Febreze Air Effects products. All Febreze room sprays have an underlying “fresh” component regardless of the type of scent. I like this continuity!

When I use Febreze, instead of a candle or even a room spray product like Glade or Yankee Candle, I am looking to “freshen” a space and not simply mask a smell.

Grapefruit FizzFor example, I just had to unpack my winter jacket (urg…it’s cold!) which has been in the closet (and then a box) for months. That jacket has that distinct closet smell…and I didn’t have time to wash it this morning! This is where Febreze is nice, it actually helps to “freshen” the jacket. It’s not a solve all (yes, I still have to wash the jacket), but it really helps mitigate the “stale air” smell.

Anyways, this summer, Febreeze had a Grapefruit Fizz scent. As a citrus lover, I had to try it! I really do like Febreze, and the spray is nice…but it severely lacks that grapefruitiness. As I said, I love that all Febreze sprays have that fresh note, but usually the actual scent contributes to the smell. There is a slight, I don’t know how to describe it…maybe pinky light citrus…scent, but it doesn’t scream “summer” or “grapefruit” to me.

Oh well, I still like the product…and it will last me long enough…so I’m happy with it! I just wish the citrus note has more of a presence!

PS: I had to through a Nation Bohemian beer in the picture…it’s my husband’s favorite and a Maryland symbol!

-Kari Ann-

World Journey Listing–Updated

I haven’t updated the world journey collection since I had originally collected all 30 of them. Since then, many new scents have come out! I’m excited that Yankee Candle has decided to continue to put out new world journey’s. Here is an updated list of all world journey’s that I currently know about. Please leave a comment and let me know of any others that you have found! The one’s in bold are one’s that I don’t have.

1. Canary Island Banana

2. Christmas in Paris

3. Italian Christmas Biscotti

4. Madagascar Spice

5. New Zealand Wildberries

6. Sicilian Orange

7. South African Vineyard

8.Australian Oasis

9. Pacific Coconut

10. Brazillian Passionfruit

11. Danish Butter Cookie

12. Caribbean Tradewinds

13. Egyptian Cotton

14. Himalayan Air

15. Japanese Blossom

16. French Lavender

17. Mediterranean Cyprus

18. Malaysian Palm

19. Vera Cruz Vanilla

20. Indonesian Ginger

21. Tahitian Tiare Flower (which is part of Yankee Candles regular line)

22. Greek Fig and Currant

23. Rose of Morocco

24. Royal Frankicense

25. Spice Island Holiday

26. Siberian Silver Fur

27. Sands of Bora Bora

28. South American Rainforest

29. Hawaiian Lei

30. Sonoma Valley Red

31. Bavarian Pretzel

32. German Apple Strudel

33. Belgian Waffle

34. North Pole Magic

35. Alaskan Lights

36. Alpine Spruce

37. Jamaica Rum Punch

38. New Zealand Peony

39. South American Dragonfruit

40. Australian Eucalyptus

41. California Redwood

42. New England Maple Cream

43. Spas of Thailand

44. Sahara Sun

45. Appalachian Daisy

46. Arctic Glacier


Coconut Strawberry Cake

This is my very last tart from my purchase with Candles from the Keeping Room. I really did love this vendor…especially the “extra” tarts I got that let me sample other scents! I will definitely be making another purchase from this online vendor….they have been one of my favorites! Coconut Strawberry Cake was a great way to end my stash from them.

CSCThe Scent: Summer! This fruity scent was divine….the coconut and strawberry blended seamlessly….it almost smelled like sweetened coconut flakes with strawberry flavoring. The cake note was subtle, but added a slight buttery vanilla scent that made this different than just a fruit blend! B+

The Throw: Pretty good! It was a medium…maybe a light-medium after a few hours in my electric tart warmer. It filled up my living room, but was not over-bearing. It’s not a “wow” or “blow-your-socks-off” throw, but still pretty great! B-

Overall, Coconut Strawberry Cake was great and really made me miss summer!

-Kari Ann-


Boxes, boxes, boxes! Wow have I accumulated a lot of stuff over the years!

Anyways, one of my favorite “get me in the holiday spirit” scents is Yankee Candle’s Gingerbread.

This perennial favorite is a special treat that I grab a few tarts of every year! My one warning (from experience): Gingerbread tarts seem to lost their “throw potential” quicker than others. It has a maximum shelf life of 1 year before it starts to get that weaker, waxy, throw. If you love the scent, invest in a jar or tumbler during the Semi-Annual Sale. The throw on jars has always surpassed the tarts (in my experience).

Also look out for the red colored Gingerbread tumblers that pop up at Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls!

GingerbreadThe Scent: A warm and spicy gingerbread treat. This is a true gingerbread…no extra sweetness, no sugary icing. Just straight up ginger, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Wonderful! And if you miss that sweet note, try burning a tart of French Vanilla alongside it! B+

The Throw: As mentioned above, I find jars have better throws than tarts….but when I get a “fresh” tart of Gingerbread…WOW! Gingerbread has been one of the strongest Yankee Candle throws I’ve ever experienced! This one (~ a year old) was a solid medium that completely filled up my living room. A few years ago, I bought my mother-in-law a large jar of Gingerbread…and it filled her whole house! However, I have had my share of duds. Overall, stellar throw! (Ranges from A+ to C-, in my experience)

Overall, I love this bakery treat, I just wish the throw was more consistent!

Anyone else have this experience with Gingerbread?

-Kari Ann-