Ohio Homegoods Trip

Hi everyone! I’ve been in Ohio for the last few days and have been very busy running around! I just got back home (literally a few minutes ago) and am excited to post a few of the candles I saw at the Homegoods near Miamisburg, OH.


1) SoHo Living Blackberry (Yankee Candle): There were very few Yankee Candles….most of the Halloween candles were heavily depleted and there were no World Journeys. But this Blackberry scent from Yankee Candle’s SoHo line was a sweet and fruity dream! Any fans of the new Berrylicious  scent will love this! The SoHo line is sold at Kohl’s…and the few I’ve tried have been great!

aa2) Everyday Luxe Napa Valley and Spiced Cider: Loved these…and wish I had space in my car to take at least one home! Spiced Cider was a wonderful apple and cinnamon….but Napa Valley was divine! It is very different than Yankee Candle’s….much more fruit and refreshing!

aaa3) Everyday Luxe Pumpkin Spice: This was a fairly standard pumpkin & spice scent that I enjoyed! Nothing crazy-different, but just as wonderful and pleasing! This one read Thanksgiving to me!


4) Everyday Luxe Rosemary & Thyme: I loved this fresh scent! I was everything I had hoped the BH&G Herb Garden wax cubes would have been! And this is the first time I’ve seen a small jar in this brand!

aaaaa5) Everyday Luxe Iced Apple and Farmer’s Market: Iced Apple was my favorite so far….fans of Yankee Candle’s Candied Apple will love this scent! Sweet and fresh apple that is perfect for the upcoming winter months! Farmer’s Market was very different than Yankee Candle’s (no peach, more pumpkin), but also very nice!


I basically ran in and out, so I didn’t get to sniff for long or take any home with me….but I was so happy to see the fall/winter Everyday Luxe line!!!!

-Kari Ann-

New World Journeys?

Firstly, I cannot take any credit for these new Yankee Candle World Journeys! I love perusing Pintrest and found this wonderful board by Neil titled Yankee Candles-World Journey Collection. (http://www.pinterest.com/essenchill/yankee-candles-world-journeys-collection/) I highly encourage any WJ fan to take a look at this impressive board!


With that said, Neil recently posted these two World Journeys that I am dying to get my hands on!

1) German Apple Strudel (credit to Neil, http://www.pinterest.com/essenchill/)

German Apple Strudel

2) Bavarian Pretzel (credit to Neil, http://www.pinterest.com/essenchill/)

Bavarian Pretzel

I have not seen these cuties at Homegoods yet, but I am on watch! Has anyone else seen these…or more importantly smelled them? Jenna and I’s grandfather is German, and we know that both of these candles (German Apple Strudel in particular) would be the best Christmas present for him!

-Kari Ann-

Ashland Watermelon Sangria

I’ve had a mixed experience with Ashland candles. Ashland candles are sold in Micheal’s crafts stores for amazing prices…..for example, I bought many of the large (22 oz) jars for my wedding at a price of 3/$10! That’s insanely amazing!!!!

While a handful have been great (with decent throws), others have been on the bland side. I received this small jar of Watermelon Sangria as a gift from a bridal shower I attended a few months ago, and I finally got the chance to try it out.

Watermelon SangriaThe Scent: The scent is nice, I’d say average. However, if you have ever smelled Bath & Body Works’ Watermelon Lemonade, you will be disappointed. The watermelon notes are nice, but I don’t exactly get any sangria notes. It also has a bit of that “wax” note that some candles have that constantly reminds you that you are burning a  candle and not smelling a pitcher of sangria. Overall, I like the idea of this scent, and it’s not terrible….but it’s just doesn’t have a wow factor. C-

The Throw: The throw was pretty weak. It has a small scent radius that makes this candle best designated to a small room. When I would walk near the candle, I could occasionally get a rush of waxy watermelon, but it was not too impressive. For the price and the creative scent, however, it was not a total loss. (I think these candles can run anywhere from $1.5-$3.00. D

Overall, I appreciate Ashland candles for their unique and decent scent selection as well as their bright colors and great prices. While a few have been impressive (a key lime pie and Christmas tree scent), others have been below par. I’ll probably keep on experimenting with Ashland because they do make cute decorations!

As a side note, I just wanted to show off a few pictures of my porch garden!

IMG_20140906_155904009 IMG_20140906_155922396 IMG_20140906_155935696 -Kari Ann-

Fresh Burst!

When I received an email from YC about their new product – fresh burst air freshener – I knew I had to have it! I love being able to add fragrance into my work day! I have been using fragrance spheres for the last 2 years. While I love fragrance spheres and think they’re so cute–they aren’t strong enough for my workplace. Is it in a cubicle that’s in a huge room so the scent tried to permeate too far. I get bursts of it now and then but not constantly.

The fresh burst changes this. Whenever I press down on it, it releases a spray of fragrance (I bought pink sands!). I love this because it sprays it right in my cubicle whenever I want and it’s strong. This means that when someone is using the communal microwave to hear up something that smells horrible to me, I can just spray the fresh burst and smell pink sands instead!!

Right now the “scent refills” don’t come in too many scents, just some of the most popular. I’m hoping if the product does well they’ll expand it just like they did with the fragrance spheres. You also needs to buy a base, which comes in a few different colors right now but hopefully they’re add more of those too! I got both for $9.99 as a promotion they were having. Normally the base is 9.99 alone and the refills are 5.99. If you can get the promotion I got, I definitely recommend trying this product. It’s one of my new favorites!! -Jenna-


Random: Kohl’s Trip

I stopped by Kohl’s the other day to look at their shoes. I’ve been searching for a pair of business flats and thought I’d stop by. No luck with the shoes, but I ended up bring home a Halloween doormat and got to smell the new Woodwick collection.

Halloween I feel in love with this doormat. I cannot wait for fall…and now that the decorations have arrived, I thought I’d grab this beauty to get into the spirit! It was 50% (as a Halloween promotion), so I got it for ~$7.50. They had other styles, including so fall based, but I love cats, so this was purrrrfect!

They also had a ton of summer candles and wax melts on clearance. They were mostly Food Network candles, but I passed. Has anyone tried the Food Network items? They always seem to smell artificial or off-putting to me…and are more pricy that Yankee Candle and the Better Homes & Gardens wax melts.


I really liked these 3-scented Trilogy Woodwick candles. They were also 50% off, but at nearly $25, my wallet said no until I burn a few more of my other candles. I have only burned a few Woodwick’s before…and each time it was great! The throw was great and I really liked the crackling wick!

Note that I could only smell the top scent, so the evolution of the three will probably be different when lit.

1) Spiced Apple Tart, Pumpkin Nutmeg, & Cinnamon Buttercream: Loved this autumn fruits mash-up! The apple and cinnamon were spot on!

2) Vanilla Gourmand, Toffee Brittle, & Toasted Marshmallow: The vanilla reminded me of YC’s French Vanilla with a hint of butter. It was okay, but I much preferred the red Trilogy above!

3) Poplar and Pine, Nordic Winter, & Silver Birch: This was probably my overall favorite! The pine and wood combination was perfect! However, this read to me as a winter scent…so I may look to buy this one near Christmas if it’s still around!

4) Flickering Fireside, Poplar and Pine, & Teakwood: This one was too “manly” for me. It had a smoky, almost cologne-like quality…but that’s just me! I know mu husband would probably love it and I bet the Polar and Pine section would make this one really nice!

Happy “Fall Candle” hunting!

-Kari Ann-

Final thoughts on French Vanilla

My jar of French Vanilla is nearing its end….and I have mixed feelings. It is such a classic scent and creates a soft and pleasant background. However, the throw is average at best. I like the scent and appreciate the softness at times. I guess if I had this burning in a smaller room (like my bathroom) it would be better in the throw department.

French Vanilla  I had been under the rumored impression that French Vanilla retired this past winter Semi Annual Sale…but that is wrong! French Vanilla, in fact, is listed as a Fall Favorite on the Yankee Candle website! Overall, I’ve had much better luck with French Vanilla tarts….and would probably get a tumbler rather than a jar in the future.

Of course, this jar was free since my husband won it, so I really should not be complaining!

Anyways, I thought I’d note the one mixology I tried with this jar of French Vanilla. This may seem like a surprising and unexpected blend: French Vanilla + Autumn Wreath.Autumn Wreath

This blend smells exactly like a craft store during fall! It reminds me of walking into AC Moore to visit my aunt when I was younger! If you frequent craft stores (Micheal’s and Joann’s Fabris as well), then you know the scent I’m describing. The apple and spiced scented decorative wreaths on the same display as the vanilla pillar candles! It’s such a warm scent combination that brings back wonderful memories!

-Kari Ann-