Mountain Lodge

Wow has it been a busy week! I’ve been moving and working like crazy…needless to say, very little candle burning! :( Once I have my new house cute-ified, I’ll be posting some new pictures of my life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!

Anyways, do you all know about the amazingness of Mountain Lodge? This Yankee Candle scent is one of those “everyone loves” it scent! My husband, me, my friends…’s a unique scent that can be enjoyed by many people, all with diverse scent preferences.

Mountain LodgeThe Scent: This earthy and masculine scent is simply intoxicating. It smells like a romantic mountain retreat…..kind of like being in a lodge cabin made of aromatic cedar with a crackling fire going, and maybe an open window to let some of the fresh mountain air in. The scent is hard to describe because, to me at least, it smells like a place and event rather than a physical item. Simply refreshing, unique, and almost sexy. A

The Throw: While I have always wished that this scent would be a tad stronger, it is a medium throw that definitely satisfies my “quality standards.” The main problem I have is the small scent radius… smells great, just does throw that far! It’s best to burn/melt in either a small room or in a place close to your nose. Overall, I keep buying it! B-

So….have I encouraged you to at least give Mountain Lodge a sniff? It is a wonderful scent that really transports me to a secluded cabin in an alpine forest in the middle of autumn! Love this one!

-Kari Ann-

Halloween Accessories

I love Halloween….and I just love the cute decorations that pop up! I am a huge fan of the “The Witch is In” type decor….I think it’s so cute! I also loves cats….that is probably why I am always drawn to the witchy Halloween decorations.


I got this cute votive holder from Yankee Candle about 5 years ago (2009). I simply fell in love. Pictures cannot show it, but the etched glass gives the illusion that the witch is moving as the flame flickers.


It is one of those “larger” votive holders, so my one complaint is that the votive burns twice as fast since the votive collapses inside. Love the cat though!


Hope everyone is excited for Halloween!

-Kari Ann-

Sparkling Cinnamon

I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit early this year! The last few weeks, I have been working part-time at the Banana Republic and we are preparing for the pre-holiday festivities (Christmas music, black Friday, and a neat holiday collection are all coming in the next few weeks!)

I very recently got a new job, so I am in my last few days at BR…I am also moving to the Maryland Eastern Shore! Enough about me…now onto the candles!

Sparkling CinnamonThe Scent: A wonderful, warm and spicy cinnamon scent…with a large pulse of sugar! This is a wonderful cinnamon scent that is more “spicy” than sweet, but still has a sweetness to it! It reminds me of winter and the holidays! Sparkling Cinnamon blends perfectly with a fresh Christmas tree! A-

The Throw: Sparkling Cinnamon is one of Yankee Candle’s most classic throws! It is a medium-strong that will consistently fill up a large room! It is a perfect “ambiance” candle that you can lit and have your holiday party have the pleasant (but not overwhelming) scent of cinnamon linger through you home. A

I am a huge fan of Sparkling Cinnamon. It is one of my go-to, non-pine, holiday scents that everyone except for Jenna always seems to enjoy!

-Kari Ann-

Marshall’s Trip

I’ve noticed this a lot with Homegoods and Marshalls/TJMaxx…many place have two separate buildings….one is Homegoods and and the other is the clothing-based Marshalls/TJMaxx. If this is the same for you…don’t forget to “treasure hunt” in Marshalls/TJMaxx as well, because they carry candles too!

Friday, I walked over next store to Marshall’s and found some goodies!


1) Alpine Spruce: This is a World Journey that came out last year…it is an icy cool pine scent that fits right in with the holidays, winter, or any fresh scent lovers.


2) Pumpkin Hazelnut: This unique Everyday Luxe scent hit the spot for me! It’s a wonderful mix of autumn pumpkin and subtle hazelnut that smells like a wonderful recipe for a latte or mixed drink!

g3) Heritage Pine: May the Peace & Joy of the Holidays Be Yours. A traditional pine scent that would make a cute gift or holiday decoration.


4) Smoky Mountains: I love the Smoky Mountains and this fresh, unique, and impossible to describe scent by Everyday Luxe was refreshingly different! I love their “world journey” collection!

Arctic Glacier

5) Arctic Glacier: Okay, this new World Journey was not my favorite…but I was so excited to find it! I had expected it to smell like Sparkling Snow or even mint…..but it, like the dull gray color, fell flat to me! It was very light, with maybe just a hint of a soap-like scent. Maybe it burns better? It didn’t smell like a repeated Yankee Candle scent, so at least it is original!

Well, there they are…my finds! I managed to find 3/4 of the new World Journeys (all except German Apple Strudel…which figures since it’s the one Jenna and I want to get our grandfather!).

Happy hunting!

-Kari Ann-

Homegoods Trip!

I finally got a chance to go to a Homegoods yesterday, and found a whole bunch of goodies! I also bought a few items (as gifts….gonna start Christmas shopping early!). Only about half of my pictures have imported, so there will also be a Part 2 from my Marshalls trip!

A1) Bavarian Pretzel and Belgium Waffles: I finally found them! Firstly, I loved Belgium Waffles…when I first heard of the scent, I was worried it would be a re-hash of Maple Pancakes….but it has little to no maple notes (yay!). It smells like warmed waffles covered in butter. It is wonderful! I actually love Bavarian Pretzel too, but I think this scent will either be a “you love it or hate it.” To me, it smelled like a warm pretzel with extra firm crust!

b2) Joy to the World (Everyday Luxe): If you are a fan of Jack Frost or Frosty Air by Yankee Candle, you will love this one! A cool, icy peppermint.

c3) Snowberry, Balsam & Spruce, and Holiday Cinnamon: I love these cute pillar-like Yankee Candles. (Yes, the holiday scents are out!). Snowberry is an icy cool, but sweet berry scent. Balsam & Spruce is similar to Balsam & Cedar (a fresh pin scent), and Holiday Cinnamon is Sparkling Cinnamon! Lovely!

d4) Home for Christmas: I fell in love with this nostalgic scent. Unfortunately, I can’t quit remember all the notes in this one, I just remember really liking it! It is at base a pine scent! But be on the lookout for these cute Limited Edition Holiday Collection scents!

e5: Holiday Trio and Apple & Gingerbread: Okay, so Apple and Gingerbread is a GENIUS scent! It has a spicy apple and gingered molasses scent! If you cannot find this candle, try burning a Macintosh tart with a Gingerbread jar…it is unexpected and great! The Holiday Trio Home Classic (sold at Target) is a tri-pour of Holiday Cinnamon, Cookies for Santa, and Home for Christmas.

So yes, the holiday scents have arrived at Homegoods! I overheard two sales associates in Marshall’s mention that they were putting up their holiday displays Tuesday! What happened to Halloween…and Thanksgiving! LOL

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-

Pomelo Grapefruit

Okay, it’s no secret that I love citrus based scents! Well, this past summer, Bath & Body Works’ released Pomelo Grapefruit…and I was fixated!

During their semi-annual sale, I bough a Wallflower bulb of this grapefruit scent…and it just topped my all time favorite list for Wallflowers!

Pomelo GrapefruitThe Scent: A refreshing, slightly tart, yet slightly sweet, grapefruit scent! This is a citrus scent for everyone! It’s fresh and fruit..and demands one to think about a lazy summer day! Wonderful! A

The Throw: This bulb has been stellar! I plugged it in about 2 weeks ago now, and my entire bathroom smells like fresh grapefruit! Occasionally, I even get a sniff when I enter my apartment after work! One of the best I’ve ever tried! A-

Overall, I wish I bough more of these Pomelo Grapefruit Wallflowers…and really wish I bought a candle in this scent! I hope this one comes back next year!!!!

-Kari Ann-

Caramel Pecan Pie

Caramel Pecan Pie is beloved by many. This Yankee Candle, although only a few years old, is now a fall staple!

However, I will pre-warn everyone that I did not like this scent!

Caramel Pecan PieThe Scent: While this scent does smell nice….like a buttery and nutty caramel dessert….after a few minutes of it melting, all I could smell was a sticky maple-caramel scent. Maybe it was just this tart, like it was stored with a batch of Maple Pancake candles…but I absolutely hated the maple scent. It was sticky, too sweet, and almost burnt smelling! I had to blow out my tart warmer! D

The Throw: The throw was actually really good…a solid medium. After only a few minutes, my entire living room and parts of my bedroom filled up with the scent. It’s just too bad I didn’t like it! B+

Overall, I’ll probably give this scent another try. I hate sticky, artificial maple scents…and that is all I could smell!

-Kari Ann-