Home for the Holidays

I often lump the Yankee Candle scents Christmas Eve and Home for the Holidays together.

They are both red, have a pretty and cartoon-like sticker, and are named for the, well, holidays.

However, they are two very different scents! While Christmas Eve is more of a candy/food scent, Home for the Holidays takes on the more nature-like scents of Christmas.

Home for the HolidaysThe Scent: Home for the Holidays smells like s freshly cut Christmas Tree with sticks of cinnamon hanging from it’s branches. Yup, it’s a blend of pine trees, cedar wood, and some warm spices (where cinnamon and clove are predominant. It’s fresh, clean, has a touch of spice…..perfect! No one scent overpowers the other…it’s a harmonious blend! A

The Throw: The throw is a solid medium…which is wonderful…but I do wish this was a super, fill-the-house, kind of scent. It will fill up a medium sized room effortlessly and is a perfect “ambiance” setter for a holiday party (or just a holiday drink by yourself!). B

Overall, Home for the Holidays is my type of Christmas scent! It has that fresh and spice mix that I want my home to smell like! I think this scent gets me into the holiday spirit more than any other Yankee Candle scent!

-Kari Ann-

Pumpkin Ginger Bark

Pumpkin Ginger Bark was one of the new Fall 2014 Yankee Candle scents. Well I finally got to try it and boy am I glad I did! Once melted, this one actually fit more into the “holiday” genre of scent more than “fall.”

Pumpkin Ginger BarkThe Scent: This scent smelled like a freshly baked gingerbread cookie with a pumpkin glaze and just a tad of sweet vanilla. The ginger is the strongest note and it is a wonderful, spicy scent that melds perfectly with the pumpkin! It’s a warm and festive scent! A-

The Throw: Bravo to Yankee Candle; the throw on this tart was wonderful! It was a solid medium that completely filled up my living room! I was very pleased…it’s the type of throw that can trick someone into thinking you are actually baking cookies! A-

As you can tell, I really enjoyed Pumpkin Ginger Bark. It was a new approach to the typical fall pumpkin scents and blends perfectly with Thanksgiving and Christmas-type scents.

-Kari Ann-

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has become an iconic holiday scent at Yankee Candle. It is one of those scents that brings out your inner child! I even know a few people who have the tradition of lighting/melting this scent on Christmas Eve night to welcome Santa!

Christmas EveThe Scent: Christmas Eve is a warm and inviting fruity scent. To me, this scent smells like sugared plums! It has a gummy-like, fruity sweetness and just a hint of spice. Basically, it reminds me a gum drops! B

The Throw: The throw is in that “just right” spot for holiday entertaining. It will fill up a large room with a medium throw that is not over-bearing. It is a perfect accent, or background, scent. My tart also had a long throw! The strength stayed at this solid medium for 3 tea lights (~12 hours). A-

While I do like this scent, I don’t necessarily love it. I personally prefer pine and cinnamon-based holiday scents. It is a very “childhood memories” scent and I just love that classic label. In a nutshell, Christmas Eve will remind you of decorating with gum drops!

-Kari Ann-

Cranberry Peppermint

With my Christmas tree up, I am now in full “holiday scent mode.” I decided to try for the very first time Cranberry Peppermint, a now classic Yankee Candle holiday scent.

Cranberry PeppermintThe Scent: I very much enjoyed this scent…..the sweet and tangy cranberry melds subtly with the cool and refreshing peppermint. The peppermint was the dominant note, but that tangy-fruity cranberry scent made in anything but “just another candy cane” scent. It is a nice new twist on two iconic holiday scents. B

The Throw: For me, the throw was terribly disappointing. For the first hour, the throw was great! A solid medium that filled up most of my living room. But after that hour, the strength of the throw plummeted to only a tiny scent radius. Basically, after 1 hour, I could only smell it if I put my nose right up to the tart. Online reviews seem to disagree with my experience….Cranberry Peppermint is highly rated! Hopefully the throw on other tarts is longer because mine started out great, but quickly became weak. (start B+, end D)

Okay, so I have mixed feelings on Cranberry Peppermint. While I did like the scent a lot, the throw was very short-lived! I may give it another try in the future!

-Kari Ann-

Final Thoughts of Sweet Potatoe Pie and my Christmas Tree!

Now that I have used up the last of Sweet Potato Pie, I am even more disappointed that I didn’t grab a second jar when it was 75% off last year! This scent had a consistently medium throw that filled up my entire living room.

I even came home from work a few times to find my husband had already lit it! (that never happens unless he genuinely likes the scent).

sppJust look at all that oil on the bottom! Sweet Potato Pie had a ton of oil pockets that kept pumping my living room full of the delicious, warm scent of sweet potatoes. The candle, admittedly, did not burn perfectly. Towards the end it started to tunnel and the side began to collected a ton of soot (and yes, I trim the wick every few hours), but overall it was a great performer….especially with that huge piece of glass missing!

I am sad to see it go and hopeful that a Thanksgiving line will be released next year…who knows…maybe Sweet Potato Pie will end up as a Treasure or at an outlet!

tree5On a completely different note, my husband and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday! We found this adorable tree skirt at Kohl’s….it was 55% off and we had Kohl’s cash from Black Friday, so it came to just under $15! It fits right in with my blue and wintery holiday theme (well, as close as I could find!).

tree3And if you look way in the background, you can see our lovely stockings we scored at Goodwill at $2 each (with the tags still on!)

-Kari Ann-

Crackling pure radiance

I went to the South Deerfield flagship store 2 weeks ago and bought one of the pure radiance candles. I wanted to buy the deep sea scent but they were all out of it in the large jars so I bought the raspberry scent. I have only tried one other pure radiance–a small jar of Merry mint last year. I bought it right before I moved out of my mothers so I left it for her.

I LOVE the crackling wooden wicks. It makes it sound like I have a real fire going in a fireplace. It’s a very soothing sound. As for the raspberry scent, I’m torn. The first few times I lit it, it smelt very good and had a nice throw. Since then, I feel like I only smell it sporadically. It’s not that strong. Even though the scent isn’t strong, I would still love to buy more of them. I like the look of the pure radiance and as I said before I love the crackling feature. Also, isn’t my snowman snow globe holder so cute!? I bought it last year during the semi-annual sale and have been dying to use it!!



Pier 1 Imports: Scented Gel Beads

PierIn my new area, I do not have a Homegoods….the nearest one is ~ an hour away. But, I do have a Pier 1 Imports. Okay, not the same AT ALL, I know…..but truthfully, I’ve never been in Pier 1!

On Black Friday, I popped in and found the prices to be comparable to Yankee Candle. Sooo, still pricey compared to Homegoods and Walmart, but not outrageous…especially on sale!

One thing I bought was their scented gel beads for my office at work. I like that the scented bead will add fragrance to my office without being an open flame (illegal) or be too strong as to disturb others in nearby offices. I’m lucky to have my own office, but the air was a bit stale from it being empty for so long.

pier2The scent I bought was Ginger Peach. It is actually very pleasant…I’d give the scent a B+. Anyone who has ever had/brewed Lipton’s White Peach tea will know exactly what it smells like! It’s a peachy tea scent with a hint of herbal ginger.

The scented gel beads, at face value, are $5….but the Black Friday deal was 20% off. The directions claim that the scent will last for 2 months…and so far, it’s been pleasantly filling up my office discretely for 4 days. The directions also say to add water periodically to replenish the beads and scent! neat!

pier3The scent comes out from the top, and I must say that i like the look of this design!

Anyways, hope everyone is having some good “deal-hunting!”

PS: Housekeeping…my camera broke on my phone (boooo) so I have limited access to photographing my candles. That is the main reason for sporadic posts! Also…wow do large jars burn forever! I still have 1/3 of Sweet Potato Pie left!

-Kari Ann-