Autumn Wreath

Many of my fellow candle lovers have their “go-to” house-scent candle. For example, my mother loves Dune Grass and my sister-in-law loves Vanilla Cupcake.

Yankee Candle’s Home Sweet Home is a scent many burn/melt to create that house scent. But for me, in the late summer and autumn, I pick Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candle.

Autumn WreathThe Scent: Autumn Wreath reminds of Michael’s Craft Store. It smells like a crafty mix of cinnamon, dried leaves, apple, and twigs. Seriously, it smells like a craft store during the fall season when they are selling freshly made wooden wreaths! A

The Throw: A wonderful, medium throw that lingers in a room even after the candle/tealight has been blown out. This scent creates a warm and inviting “feeling” that just needs a bowl of soup on a chilly fall night! B+

Overall, Autumn Wreath is a autumn and late summer staple for me! It is an instant classic and perfectly blends a fresh scent of autumn leaves, cinnamon, and apples!

-Kari Ann-

Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies is a retired scent from Yankee Candle. Despite this, I have learned that Milk & Cookies has an extremely loyal fan base! This scent has been available as a rare treasure the last few holiday seasons…and I’ve even managed to grab some tarts in stores and at an outlet! (I miss treasure tarts!)

Milk & CookiesThe Scent: In my opinion, Milk & Cookies is a sugar cookie scent….and probably the best sugar cookie scent by any candle company I’ve smelled to date! It is similar to Christmas Cookie (a family favorite in my house)….except the “fresh baked” warm sugar cookie scent is even better! There is a hint of a creamy, milkiness….but just a hint. I do wish the milk note was a little stronger, but overall this is an amazing cookie-scented candle! B+

The Throw: I am always torn on the throw of this tart….and I’ve been told by a few that the original version (before retirement) was stronger. It varies between a medium to light-medium throw. Overall, I am always pleased and happy with the throw, but still wishing it was stronger. The yummy cookie scent begs for that type of throw tha makes all your neighbors think you are baking cookies! B-

Overall, I do like Milk & Cookies, but it’s just not the unique or amazing-throw type of candle that will make me hunt it out. Hopefully it comes back this year so everyone can sniff it and make their own opinions! :)

-Kari Ann-

French Vanilla

French Vanilla is one of Yankee Candle’s classic scents. In fact, most candles companies have a “classic” vanilla scent in their mix!

I had thought, via hype and rumor, that French Vanilla was retiring from Yankee Candle, but it is currently on sale, in all sizes at full price, on the Yankee Candle Website! I’m happy about this since Yankee Candle’s French Vanilla is one of the few vanilla candle scents that I actually like. While other versions of French Vanilla come off as waxy or fake, Yankee Candle nails it!

French VanillaThe Scent: A delicious creamy French vanilla! It smells just like the off white, custard-like, ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It’s wonderful. Although I’ve heard some describe it as bland, I love French Vanilla alone, or mixed with almost any other scent! Seriously….almost any fruit, floral, or food scent can be melted/burned alongside this scent with wonderful results! B

The Throw:  In my opinion, the throw for French Vanilla is just average. It has a light-medium throw that fill only a small room. It does create a warm environment, but it’s just not strong enough to make a statement or be used in a large room. It’s too bad! C-

Overall, I do really like French Vanilla….and I’ve had better luck on the throw with tarts!


As a side note, this jar has special meaning to me. My husband won it at Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, MA last year during their big birthday celebration! The picture below is him winning the candle!

Mike YC

-Kari Ann-

Golden Apricot

Wow this weekend crazy busy! Mike and I drove to RI for a Sweet 16, family brunch, and wedding, then back to MD.

Anyways, I thought this was a great time to give a shout out to my new bathroom hand soap!

Golden Apricot

This Golden Apricot hand soap is an unsuspected superstar! It’s one of Bath & Body Works new fall soap scents and it’s wonderful! The golden apricot has that wonderful stone fruit scent…sweet, juicy, ripe. It does read as fall, but is not a typical apple or pear-like scent! I love it!

Kari in RI

Anyways, I was able to get the rest of my candles from RI…so now I’m ready to try some new scents!

-Kari Ann-

Cotton Candy (Everyday Luxe)

Tucked away, in the very back of the Homegoods candle section, I found one lone jar of Cotton Candy by Everyday Luxe.

Warning: this one is incredible!

Cotton Candy is the 4th Everyday Luxe candle I’ve bought in their carnival-themed collection!

Cotton CandyThe Scent: A sweet, pink sugared, cotton candy treat. This one take me back to those sticky childhood memories of eating pink cotton candy at a summer fair. Ask any child, there is a huge difference between pink and blue cotton candy! There is a hint of a raspberry fruit note, but this sugary confection hits the mark! If you love sweet scents, this one is a dream come true! A-

The Throw: I was blown away by this medium to medium-strong throw! It filled up my entire living room and adjacent bedroom! It also has a lingering throw, meaning I could smell the sweet cotton candy even after I blew out the candle! Wow, I’m impressed! A-

Overall, I really loved Cotton Candy…it was such a find! The Everyday Luxe brand is now on my “hot” list for future candles.

When I told Jenna about this scent, she asked me “what does it smell like?” In other words, cotton candy scents can be done really well, or really wrong (there’s no in between). This one is the real deal! Sticky, sweet, slightly fruity, pink fluffy cotton candy!

-Kari Ann-

New Bath & Body Works Candles

My husband and I recently changed phone companies….which involved us having to go to a T-Mobile store…which just so happened to be in a mall! I just had to pop into a Bath & Body Works!

Bath & Body Works has a bunch of new(ish) candle from their new Fall 2014 scents! Here are some of the highs and lows! Note, there were no good deals, so I passed on the candles! I refuse to buy 3-wicks unless there is at least a 2/$25 sale going on (plus a 20% coupon) ;)

Cayenne Caramel

1) Cayenne Caramel: I’m not going to lie, I was so excited to sniff this scent. I loved this idea of sweet and spicy (in fact, one of my favorite desserts is cayenne chocolate mouse). But what a disappointment! It was basically scentless when I sniffed it.

Vanilla Chai

2) Vanilla Chai: Wow was this one great! In fact, it was wonderful! I recently gave a terrible review to Yankee Candle’s new Vanilla Cinnamon…..this is a vanilla & cinnamon scent that was everything I hoped YC’s Vanilla Cinnamon would be! It’s creamy, spicy, warm….and wonderful autumn blend!

13) Wasabi Apple, Bourbon Butterscotch, Blackberry Bramble Tea, & Sea Salt Maple Popcorn: Wow does Bath & Body Works have some fun new scents this year! Wasabi Apple smelled mostly like a green apple scent with a slight “hotness” of wasabi. If you’re ever has wasabi, it’s a weird hot, not spicy, taste. It balanced nicely with the sweet & sour apple. Bourbon Butterscotch was amazing… it was predominantly butterscotch with a tiny dash of bourbon. Fans of Hot Buttered Rum from Yankee Candle will like this scent! Blackberry Bramble Tea was a wonderful berry scent…like blackberries that have been tossed with sugar! The tea notes are slight, but still wonderful! It was more berry than tea, but fans of Blackberry Tea will like this scent (but wish for a tad more tea!). I had higher hopes for Sea Salt Maple Popcorn, but it was still nice. A maple glaze with a sweet country kettle popcorn. I wish the sea salt scent was a bit stronger.







4) Mini Mason Jars and Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding: These mini jars are so adorable…I totally regret note buying the 3 for $12! I have their normal mason jar for a size reference! Adorable! I really liked Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding…banana is hard to do for candles and not smell totally like Runts candies! This one reminded me of Banana Bread, but with all the best notes enhanced: more banana, more spiciness from the nutmeg, and a gooeyness that made me want banana bread!







5) Pink Apple Punch, Sparkling Berry Fizz, Watermelon Lemonade, and Mango Coconut Cooler: To be honest, I can’t even remember what Sparkling Berry Fizz and Mango Coconut Cooler smells like…..There were a lot of new scents, so my nose was a bit overwhelmed. I loved Pink Apple Punch…it was a much perfected tropical fruit punch scent! And, of course, Watermelon Lemonade is a boss!


So lots of new scents! I can’t wait to try Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding and Vanilla Chai!

-Kari Ann-

Red Berry & Cedar

On occasion, I let me husband select a tart to melt. He likes nature scents, mostly the pine and Christmas tree types.

This weekend, he picked Red Berry & Cedar from Yankee Candle, which happens to be one of my favorite scents as well!

Red Berry & CedarThe Scent: A sweet and fresh mash-up of berry, pine needles, and cedar wood. I love this mix! The berry note is sweet, like a raspberry or holly berry. It is perfectly balanced by a fresh cedar wood scent with hints of “green” notes. It is a wonderful winter scent! A

The Throw: Red Berry & Cedar is a Holiday staple at Yankee Candle not only from its scent, but also for its excellent throw! It’s a medium to medium-strong throw that filled up my living room and differed into my bedroom! Wonderful! A-


Overall, Red Berry & Cedar is a wonderful scent that reminds me of a peaceful winter getaway! And, it’s husband approved!

-Kari Ann-