Winter Decorations

Indoor rug purchased at Kohls

Indoor rug purchased at Kohls

I am one of those “winter holiday” (not “Christmas”) decor people. It’s just my preference. I just like the look of the “winter-themed” decorations (blues, snow, red cardinals) over the iconic Santa Claus and reindeer items.

I also like that “winter” decor can be put out earlier and left out later than Christmas decoration. Look at this cute doormat I just bought at Kohls! I can totally have that out all winter if I want, but a Santa or Christmas mat gets me only to January.

Now, I absolutely will still be putting up Christmas decorations….I am excited to get my first real Christmas tree and cannot wait to hang stockings over my fireplace….but, for now, I am totally into winter!

bird1To go along with my cardinal-theme, I had to buy this light-up Wallflower plug I found at a Bath & Body Works outlet last weekend. It has that “winter” touch that was perfect for my current aesthetic.

bird2Anyways, I hope everyone is getting excited for the holidays. I know my husband is excited for the potential snow we may be getting in Maryland tomorrow! (He’s a meteorologist….I get excited about candles and he gets excited about snow).

-Kari Ann-

Yankee Candle burn time costs

My husband is more of a foodie than a candle burner. One of his favorite food blogs is Budget Bytes. This blog is nice since it breaks down each recipe by both the overall price and the price per serving.

Credit: Yankee Candle

Credit: Yankee Candle

That said, Mike has been wanting me to do a similar approach to candle burning…..we all know that the full price of a Yankee Candle is steep…but how does that price break down in a cost per hour of burning?

Basically, how much money are we really saving by purchasing a large jar over a small jar? For this quick break down, I only did small, medium, and large Yankee candle jars.

Hey, I have to use my math skills somehow!

Here’s what I did:

Full Price Candle/Average burn time = $/hr (I used the average range of burn time from the Yankee Candle website, so there will be a high and low price.)

Large Jar: $27.99/(150,110 hrs) = $0.19/hour to $0.25/hour

Medium Jar: $24.99/(90, 65 hrs) = $0.28/ hour to $0.38/hour

Small Jar: $10.99/(40, 25 hrs) = $0.27/hour $0.44/hour

So there you go, you do save money getting the more pricey large jar….but there is actually not much of a price difference between the small and medium jars!

Of course, these prices become even better with coupons and sales! but I guess a quarter an hour makes you really think about that ~$28 large jar!

-Kari Ann-

Pink Passion Fruit

For me, Pink Passion Fruit is a rare miss from the Bath & Body Works Wallflower line. This is my last bulb from the summer Semi Annual Sale I grabbed…and my last summery bulb before the holiday and winter ones go on sale (hopefully a $3 sale soon!)

Anyways, the scent is just not for me…but the bulb throw is great!

Pink PassionfruitThe Scent: The scent description says it’s a mix of guava, passion fruit, and sugarcane. To me, it’s just bland. It smells like a generic “tropical fruit” blend…and to be completely honest, smells almost like an industrial cleaner that happens to be fruit scented. It just reminds me of being in an office warehouse than being transported to a tropical island. Just my opinion, but I don’t particularly care for it. D+

The Throw: On the plus side, this is a great Wallflower! this scent has been filling up my dining room for the last week and a half and is the right balance of blending it the background (not being overwhelming) but still being detectable. If you do like Pink Passion Fruit, the Wallflower bulb is spot on. A-

Overall, the throw is great, the scent just is not for me.

-Kari Ann-

Raspberry Meringue (BBW Soap)

I love Bath & Body Works foam soaps. They come in such a diverse range of scents and are even cute decorations. I especially love using their holiday-themed soaps to get into the holiday spirit.

As always, B&BW soaps are ~$6.50 each, or heavily discounted if you buy more (for example, they had a 5/$18 sale this weekend that is almost always going on). Since I didn’t want to buy 5 soaps, I settled for over-paying for just one to last me until the good holiday sales begin (and so that I don’t end up with 5 holiday soaps….that would last me until the spring!)

raspberry meringueRaspberry Meringue was hands down my favorite of the holiday dessert-themed hand soaps. It is a juicy berry scent mashed with creamy vanilla. It’s wonderful and I just love the smell of my hands after I use it!

And I love how cute the bottle is too! It’s not a generic red and green design but still screams holiday!

-Kari Ann-

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus is another new Yankee Candle scent that I found at a Yankee Candle outlet a few weeks ago. I’ve seen it now a few times in the outlets…for example, it was there this weekend at the Queenstown, MD outlet mall!

Unfortunately, I absolutely hated it!

This is a great time for me to give my “scent disclaimer.” I will be giving this scent will be getting a low grade, but that does not mean it’s a bad scent! I encourage everyone to sniff for themselves since liking a candle scent is based on personal opinion.

Pink HibiscusThe Scent: an over-bearing floral scent. This read to me a perfume-y and way too flowery. It was a bit stifling and I really just did not like it. I have a (red) hibiscus tree in my house, and it is has a light and sweet scent. This was just a powerful blast of a synthetic flower, to me at least! F+

The Throw: On the plus side, the throw was fairly impressive. It filled up my living room in a solid medium. It was impressive and deserves a solid B+

Overall, if you like floral scents, the throw was pretty excellent on this one and will fill up a large room! It’s just not a scent for me. I gave it a chance, but I hope to never melt this one again!

-Kari Ann-

Buttermilk Pancakes

What a disappointment! Buttermilk Pancakes was the very first tart I melted at my new house, and it had barely any throw!

I found this scent at a Yankee Candle outlet a few weeks ago and was excited to try it!

Buttermilk PancakesThe Scent: It was so light, I couldn’t even begin to describe this scent. It had some “cakey” and “buttery” notes….but beyond that, I can’t describe it. I was hoping it would smell similar to the new Belgian Waffles, but I can’t really say! D

The Throw: Both cold and melted, I couldn’t smell a thing! It was like I didn’t even have a tart melting! After a few hours, I gave up and switched to a jar candle. F

Overall, I hope that I find Buttermilk Pancakes again to give it another try. I always like to think that a no-throw tart could be a dud. Before I announce this new Yankee Candle scent as a waste of money, I’d like to give it one more try!

-Kari Ann

Grapefruit Fizz (Febreze Air Effects)

I love the Febreze Air Effects products. All Febreze room sprays have an underlying “fresh” component regardless of the type of scent. I like this continuity!

When I use Febreze, instead of a candle or even a room spray product like Glade or Yankee Candle, I am looking to “freshen” a space and not simply mask a smell.

Grapefruit FizzFor example, I just had to unpack my winter jacket (urg…it’s cold!) which has been in the closet (and then a box) for months. That jacket has that distinct closet smell…and I didn’t have time to wash it this morning! This is where Febreze is nice, it actually helps to “freshen” the jacket. It’s not a solve all (yes, I still have to wash the jacket), but it really helps mitigate the “stale air” smell.

Anyways, this summer, Febreeze had a Grapefruit Fizz scent. As a citrus lover, I had to try it! I really do like Febreze, and the spray is nice…but it severely lacks that grapefruitiness. As I said, I love that all Febreze sprays have that fresh note, but usually the actual scent contributes to the smell. There is a slight, I don’t know how to describe it…maybe pinky light citrus…scent, but it doesn’t scream “summer” or “grapefruit” to me.

Oh well, I still like the product…and it will last me long enough…so I’m happy with it! I just wish the citrus note has more of a presence!

PS: I had to through a Nation Bohemian beer in the picture…it’s my husband’s favorite and a Maryland symbol!

-Kari Ann-