Christmas Eve

Continuing on with my “melt all my old tarts,” I decided to re-try Christmas Eve, an annual holiday classic from Yankee Candle.

Christmas eveThe Scent: Christmas Eve is a candy-like scent. In my opinion, it doesn’t ‘remind’ me of childhood Christmas Eves. It is a sweet and sugary plum scent (I get a gummy sugared plum scent). It is pleasant, but the more I try this scent, the less I like it. In essence, it reminds me of the gum drop Christmas tree garlands children make, but just falls flat as a quintessential holiday scent for me. C

The Throw: One reason I keep trying this scent is because the throw is pretty awesome. It is a consist medium to medium-strong that fills up a large room (perfect for holiday parties I suppose!) A

I guess I’m just not a huge fan of Yankee Candle’s Christmas Eve….but don’t get me wrong, I know plenty of people who LOVE this scent and thinks it captures the child-like innocence of Christmas perfectly.

I guess it comes down to nostalgia for me….Home for the Holidays is the scent that reminds me of my holiday childhood…and is a scent I just much prefer!

-Kari Ann-

Chesapeake Bay Candle Company Part 2

I recently posted about my clearance find at Target for the tri-scented wax meltables from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company. Well I was able to buy 2 different sets at the 70% price….and finally got the time to try out this “Limited Edition” autumn blend. I had mixed reviews for the Desert Cactus/Pineapple Sun/Hibiscus Bloom pack, and unfortunately, this new Chesapeake Bay batch gave me the same, unresolved, results.

Boy do I wish they named these individual packs. This pack had Applewood/Tahitian Vanilla/Orange Clove.


The Scent: Eh. It was okay. It was more of a artificial (but still pleasant) smoky wood scent with just a hint of apple. If I had to take it or leave it…I’d leave it. D+

The Throw: Again, just eh. It was on the weak side, but still detectable. It was probably the weakest of the 3 scents. Definitely on the light side and best for a small room. D+

Tahitian Vanilla

The Scent: This was a wonderful scent! A true, creamy vanilla that was not artificial smelling. I really liked this vanilla scent! A-

The Throw: Unfortunately, this scent had very little throw as well. It was detectable, but was pretty light and had a small ‘scent radius.’ For my favorite scent in the pack, this throw left me wanting more! C-

Orange Clove

The Scent: This was maybe my least favorite of the scents. It was a very generic and artificial version of a spiced orange. (why can no one get a good orange spice scent right?). D

The Throw: Of course my least favorite scent had the best throw of the bunch. It was a solid medium…not a home run, but still performed well. B-

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this pack….from the names alone, I was more excited for this tri-blend than the Desert Cactus/Pineapple Sun/Hibiscus Bloom pack, but the scents were average at best and the throws were overall pretty below par.

So, my final thoughts, at full price Chesapeake Bay Candle Company is not worth it….but on sale, I’d grab some more. There were a few scents I loved, and some of the throws were spectacular. But for the moment, I’m sticking to Yankee Candle!

-Kari Ann-

Online Order from Yankee Candle

aJenna’s birthday is coming soon…and I wanted to get her one of the new accessories from Yankee Candle’s new Sea Breeze line. Since I was ordering online and had a gift card, I picked up a thing or two for me. I just can’t show the accessory I got Jenna!

First, I guess I missed that Yankee Candle’s new motto is Live Life Scentfully. It’s cute…and I loved how “loud” it was on the box!

cI also grabbed 3 of the new tarts (it was the $1 tart sale). So You can bet I’ll be reviewing Red Raspberry, Peach Cobbler, and Blue Summer Sky soon!

Lastly……don’t get mad…I broke my wax ban and got one of the Girl Scout Candles! I just couldn’t resist! I love Samoas and needed to give it a try! I’ll probably sneak it into my candle list after Celebrate!


-Kari Ann-

Lipgloss Scents

Okay, so this is a random post! But I have to confess that I love scented lip glosses! Recently, I’ve been wearing lipstick more, but ever since my Lip Smackers preteen ages, I’ve been obsessed with all the different flavors and colors of lip products!

So, in this post, I will be quick featuring two (limited edition and now retired) lip flavors: Hot Cocoanut from Victoria’s Secret and Peanut Butter and Jelly from Bath & Body Works.

I also must add that I am someone who cannot use lip gloss fast enough, and often find myself with a 5 year old tube that is still 3/4th full (and I’m afraid of bacteria. so I get rid of it…but still love that 1/4th I used!) These two are soon to be thrown away :(

lipVictoria’s Secret, Hot Cocoanut: I love this scent….the cute name tells it all….chocolate coconut! It’s wonderful….decadent and fruity….why hasn’t Yankee Candle make this a candle scent yet!? I also like the soft brown color. So yes, the scent/flavor and color are great, but I tend to find Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush lip glosses to be a bit on the sticky side. Younger me loved them, but the now adult me just cannot cope!

Bath & Body Works, Peanut Butter & Jelly: I have been wondering for year…why has no major candle company made a peanut butter and jelly scented candles? This lip gloss is just okay…they scent is more of a grape scent than anything else….and it’s an awkward gold color. It’s too bad, because I love BBW’s lip glosses! The color just does not work on my skin tone and the scent is flat (where’s the peanut butter!?)

me5So cheers! and happy scent hunting!

-Kari Ann-

Bavarian Pretzel

Kari’s husband, Mike, got me the Bavarian Pretzel world journey for Christmas. I was excited to get this candle, as the scent really intrigued me. It smells exactly like a salted hot pretzel. I knew this candle was either going to be amazing lit or very terrible.

I’m really excited to announce that this candle is amazing. You can smell the salt when lit, which I love! I’m a bit of a salt addict–I eat it plain. For anyone who’s hesitant to try this scent, I highly recommend it!! (I also love that Neuschwanstein is on the sticker label!!)



Dance Till Dawn

I really enjoyed the New Years Eve themed Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. I bought a few during this past Semi-Annual Sale for $2.50 each. One that I bought, and am really enjoying, is Dance Till Dawn aka Tropical Tango.

Dance Till DawnThe Scent: This is a tropical fruity scent that reminds me of the run cocktails I drank in Barbados. I was lucky to get visit Barbados twice in 2010 for my work…I was on a research cruise and we refueled there. The drink of choice was whatever fresh fruit juice they had with Mount Gay rum (made right next to our port). This scent is described as “Simply follow the smooth coconut, vibrant mango, and bubbly champagne notes in Tropical Tango and you’ll start to cha cha cha.” It is a tropical and effervescence mash-up of fruit (I don’t get any single fruit notes….all I can say is it’s fruity). B

The (bulb) Throw: Overall, the throw on this Wallflower is great. They first week was a BAM! My kitchen, dining room (where it’s plugged), and living room was full of this scent! Now that it’s on its 2-3rd week, that initial punch had subsided a bit, but it is still a great throw (it makes my dining room filled with a medium scent….and no longer is detectable in other rooms). B+

Overall, I really like Tropical Tango…it definitely is a mood booster in this extra cold Frebruary. It is a fruit explosion, so if you’re a fruit-scent fan, this one is worth a try!

-Kari Ann-

Sparkling Cinnamon

I am on a mission to melt all of my old tarts. In my personal experience, most of my tarts start to lose their punch after a few years.

On the menu recently has been Sparkling Cinnamon from Yankee Candle, a wintry favorite on mine!

Sparkling CinnamonThe Scent: I love this scent, and have reviewed it a few times now! (you can read my old reviews here and here!). Sparkling Cinnamon smells like a fresh cinnamon stick coated in coarse sugar. It is sweet and spicy and simply wonderful! A-

The Throw: The throw on Sparkling Cinnamon has never let me down! It is a medium to medium strong that fill up a large room with ease! Sparkling Cinnamon is a constituent performer, and if you like spicy-sweet scents, I highly recommend this one! A

Sparkling Cinnamon was my Valentine’s Day scent of choice because it reminds me of Red Hots if they had some sugar sprinkled on top!

-Kari Ann-