Balsam & Cedar

Balsam & Cedar is one of the most well known Yankee Candle holiday/winter scents….if not the most well know holiday scent!

I love Balsam & Cedar and am always sad to find it already sold out by the time I make it to the Yankee Candle winter semi-annual sale.

cedarNonetheless, this is one of my classic holiday favorites!

The Scent: Pine needles, woodsy cedar, sap-filled pine cones, and a touch of sweetness. It is one of the most classic “Chrismas tree” scents out there! A

The Throw: Always a winner! A medium strong that fills up a large room. Not over-bearing, but not forgettable! Weirdly, though, this tart was not very long-lasting. It lasted maybe 4-5 hours before that great throw started to fade rapidly! B+

I love Balsam & Cedar and can never pass-up grabbing a tart of it!

Next up: Magical Frosted Forest

-Kari Ann

Balsam Fir

This post is unintentionally starting a multi-part “pine” scent series.

Quick background: Whenever I ask my husband, “What candle scent should I pick tonight?”

balsam fir150% of the time he says “pine” and the other 50% he says “something nature-like” (which pine falls under the umbrella of).

Anyways, I seem to grab pine scents of all kinds for my husband…and me! I love the smell of conifer trees too!

Up first: Yankee Candle’s retired Balsam Fir

The Scent: A pretty standard pine scent. The overall experience was a poor throw, so even the cold sniff of this tart was basically scentless. Nothing special here, in my opinion. C-

The Throw: This one was weak, weak, weak. I could have melted an unscented cube of wax and gotten more scent. Not good! F

So, not a great start to my pine adventures….but the next one is a classic (Balsam & Cedar)!

-Kari Ann

Sparkling Cinnamon

I love the smell of cinnamon! It is probably one of my favorite “wintertime” aromas.

sparkling cinnamonI’ve made it a habit to get a large jar or tumbler of Yankee Candle’s Sparkling Cinnamon every year at the winter Semi-Annual Sale. The scent is still great to burn in January (for all of you who burn in-season scents) and always has a great throw!

It’s also one of those scents that is still available to buy 1 or 2 weeks into the SAS. (Scents like Balsam & Cedar, for example, go fast and may last only a day).

The Scent: Cinnamon! It is a spicy, fresh stick of cinnamon scent with just a touch of sweetness. It’s somewhere in between Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon Sugar. It’s just an overall pleasing scent that is ubiquitously loved and can also be layered with other scents. (Baking cookies?….suddenly your home smells like Snickerdoodles!) A

The Throw: I’ve only had great experiences with Sparkling Cinnamon. A medium to medium strong throw that will filled up a large room continuously. If you are looking for a perfect holiday aroma…this one is my classic go-to! A

Sparkling Cinnamon is a classic winter Yankee Candle scent for a reason. It has a great throw and is a perfect simple yet festive scent!

-Kari Ann

Peach Smoothie

I was so excited to try this Yankee Candle Simply Home tart of Peach Smoothie, although I did have low expectations.

peach smoothieSometimes I just “know” when a tart is going to be poor….and this one had all the pre-cursors. The tart itself was basically scentless, it was at least a year old, and I normally find peach-based scents to be light.

I was right!

The Scent: Even cold, I could not really smell this tart….so I cannot give this one a proper review! It did have a hint of creamy peach…sort of like a mash-up of Yankee Candle’s Juicy Peach and Dreamsicle… much promise! (based on that promise alone….B+)

The Throw: This one mind as well have been scentless. I got nothing…not even when I was right next to my tart warmer! F

So disappointing! Anyone else try this scent? Did I get a dud or is Peach Smoothie just another name for scentless?

-Kari Ann

Apple Pumpkin

Apple Pumpkin is probably my favorite fall scent….period. This is the quintessential autumn blend of fresh-picked apples and spiced pumpkin!

Apple pumpkinI melt and/or burn this scent probably more often than any other scent! Not over-bearing, not too sweet, just the familiar scents of a late autumn evening!

The Scent: It is basically a blend of Yankee Candle’s Macintosh and Spiced Pumpkin! Orchard apples, unsweetened canned pumpkin, and a dash of cinnamon! Fruity and fresh, not too sweet and not artificial by any means! A+

The Throw: Always a great performer! A solid medium-strong…not too strong or head-ache inducing, but 100% detectable at all times! This one will fill up a large-sized room! A

This scent is perfect for trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving visitors alike! If you like autumn or fruit-based scents…give this one a try!

-Kari Ann

Burt’s Bees

bb12This is a follow-up post from two I made earlier this year!

Jenna had given me a candle of Tropical Mango and wax cubes of Raspberry Lemon for Easter from the Burt’s Bees line of wax products.

I received so many emails with the same questions I had: Burt’s Bees has candles? Where can I find these?

I was so happy to hear how many people are just as obsessed with Burt’s Bees lip balm as me! I always have a tube in my pocket!

bb1So, last night when I went to Walmart to buy an air mattress…I snapped these photos of the TONS of Burt’s Bees products Walmart had in their candle section! You can zoom into the photo to get more information on scents and prices!

From my experience, the scent of these candles were great (simple and to the point), but the throws were only okay. I had mixed feelings on these….but am curious to try more!

As a quick note: they are soy wax based!

So, for Burt’s fanatics like me…Walmart is the seller of a multitude of candles and wax meltables! The wax cubes are slightly more expensive (~$3) than the Better Homes and Garden’s cubes ($2)…but bigger.

Happy Melting!

-Kari Ann

Cat Jar Clinger

cat1I currently live in an area pretty far from a Yankee Candle store, so when I happen to be in an area near one….I have to drop in!

The My Favorite Things collection has become an annual holiday tradition from Yankee Candle…and I’m okay with that! Some of the accessories are part of the Whiskers on Kittens line, and I love cats!!!!

cat2Well, I saw this sleepy car jar clinger and had to buy it for myself! It is so cute, fits perfectly on large/medium jars and tumblers, and feels heavy and well made. And at $5.99, it seemed like a reasonable spurge!

I just wished I liked the Whiskers on Kittens scent!

-Kari Ann