Final Thoughts on Silver White Winters

I finished my jar of Silver White Winters on Thursday….so now that I’ve gotten a full jar’s worth, how did my original review hold up?

aaaThe Scent Revisited: I love this fresh and clean winter scent! It did remind me of Sparkling Snow mixed with a nice pine scent, making it a wonderful wintry mix! It was one of those special scents that is wintry without being too Christmas-like. The B+ stays!

The Throw Revisited: I had very little expectations for this rare/limited edition scent. But I was very pleased! The throw was a medium that filled up my living room nicely. It was a scent that would fade into the background after an hour or two, but did it’s job of creating a “wintry” experience. It was not the best throw in the world, but mostly definitely a great performer! The B- stays!

Overall, I really liked Silver White Winters. It was a great snow-pine scent that is perfect for winter. It was unique-enough in a sea of “pine” scents, but still had that classic feeling. I keep seeing posts on Facebook showing this scent on EBay for 100’s of dollars. So I guess it is a rare collectors item now.

Up next: Honey & Biscuits!

-Kari Ann

Relaxing Rituals: Uplift

Up next from the Relaxing Rituals line: Uplift, which is an energizing blend of lemon, grapefruit, and ginger.

I had previously tried, and loved, this scent as a reed difussor…but how does the tart hold up?

upliftThe Scent: Wow, I love this scent! It has that fresh, citrusy burst of tart & sweet grapefruit and lemon with a sweet and spicy dose of ginger! This is basically my dream mixture. And it is certainly uplifting! This scent is subtle and warm, jet full of energy! A

The Throw: Okay, the throw on this one is complicated. First, it felt like it took forever to give off scent (at least an hour before I smelled anything). Then…it was pretty awesome! A medium throw that completely filled up my living room! But, after about 2 or 3 hours, that throw got much weaker (and it was not my nose getting used to the scent!). So, compared to Comfort and Refresh, the throw on Uplift was not as good. BUT, it was still a pretty solid throw, just very short lived! B-

Overall, this one is by far my favorite from the Relaxing Rituals line!

-Kari Ann-

Relaxing Rituals: Refresh

I was a little sad that the Relaxing Rituals line from Yankee Candle didn’t catch on. I first discovered this line during last summer’s semi-annual sale (2014), just as it was being discontinued!

Relaxing Rituals were a series of 5 “states of mind” which each had 3 associated scents. For example, I previously tried out Comfort, which is a blend of Cardamon,Rose, and Cedarwood. 

A few months ago, my nearby Yankee Candle Outlet had most of the Relaxing Rituals as tarts, so I grabbed the remaining 4 “states of mind” to at least try them out!

RefreshLast night, I melted Refresh, which is a blend of Mandarin, Eucalyptus, and Sage.

My Quick Rant/Rave: Refresh is a great example of why you should always try a scent, even if you think you’ll hate it (In tart form at least!). One of my least favorite candles scents is Sage & Citrus (hate it!). Refresh had all the components to be a hated scent for me: but I actually didn’t mind it! While I won’t be running to Yankee Candle anytime soon to buy more, I did enjoy this scent a lot more than I expected!

The Scent: The sage note is probably the strongest, but it is countered very nicely with a tart and citrusy mandarin note. This mandarin scent gives it a touch of brightness that I always feel is lacking from Sage & Citrus. Then you get a slight “cooling” note from the eucalyptus, which mellows out that sage scent (so it’s never over-bearing). B- 

The Throw: Wow! This one filled up my living room like a champ! This one is strong, but not headache-inducing. And it’s scent is still lingering in my living room right now. I had to check last night because I thought I forgot to shut off my tart warmer! A

Overall, this scent was okay….and I may even say (don’t hate on me) is an improvement to Sage & Citrus. I certainly felt refreshed!

-Kari Ann-

Yankee Candle Village Part II


I got the chance to visit Yankee Candle Village for a quick lunch last Friday! In yesterday’s post, I showed off some pictures from the Boney Bunch display! (Sorry if the pictures are a little dim….the lighting in the room was low!)

This past Friday (August 7) was the release of Luke Bryan’s new cd…and Yankee Candle was having a release party. Now, I have to be honest, I don’t really know anything about Luke Bryan, but it was fun to be part of this event!

Here are a few “notable mentions” of candles I saw. I didn’t buy anything since I was camping all weekend and knew the sun would ruin anything I bought!

Y2Chocolate Cappuccino: This is a returning Treasure that I was dying to sniff! Well, it’s okay! The chocolate note is similar to the Chocolate Layer Cake scent (which I actually hate) and it is dominate over the coffee note! It’s too bad….I would have loved to try this scent as a tart, but it was not worth $27.99 to me!

y4Bavarian Pretzel: I remember when this World Journey was my #1 quest to find. This picture is from the Sales Scenter, meaning they were on clearance! There was another whole shelf of these! I actually love the cold scent of Bavarian Preztel, although I have never burned it!



New England Maple: There were two versions of this scent in the Treasures section. I know there was a New England Maple World Journey released a few years ago…but the cold sniff made it seem pretty scentless. This one had a nice maple scent….and I loved both designs! I am a New England girl after all!

Y7Kill the Lights: This was the special Luke Bryan candle…it is the new Fall 2015 scent Vanilla Bourbon. This scent is spectacular, and if you are a Luke Bryan fan, it is even better! The associate at Yankee Candle told me this was his signature scent!

Y8Berry Tangerine: This is one of my favorites! It smells like a fruit roll-up! A perfect berry-citrus combo! It is a Treasure, but it is one worth seeking out! The throw is wonderful!

Spring Days: Another favorite of mine that also is a Treasure! This cute candle is a fresh scent with a touch of floral!

I only got to run through a few rooms at Yankee Candle Village, but I’m glad I got to visit! I got the vegan burger at Chandler’s and it was delicious!

-Kari Ann

Yankee Candle Village Trip (Part I)

ycvMy husband and I had a wonderful weekend getaway to hike Mount Washington and visit some friends in Vermont. This is a 10 hour car drive, so of course we knew there would be a lunch stop on the way!

Lucky for me, Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, MA is right on the way! We love Chandler’s (the attached restaurant), so we both thought it would be a fun rest stop!

In Part I, I will show off some of the new Boney Bunch and Halloween items I quickly snapped pictures of!

ycv1I loved this Deadly Diva double tealight holder! It reminded me of old Hollywood glam and a touch of American Horror Story Freak Show. The display with the creepy orange and purple lights, with feather boas, just made this Boney Bunch all the more cute!

ycv2This piano-playing Boney was a taper candle holder…perfect for the “blood-dripping” candles! It reminded me of Billy Joel’s Piano Man!


Don’t you just love the new design for Witche’s Brew?


This tart warmer was also adorable! It reads Skully’s Taproom…which actually fits right in with Chandler’s wine room!


I actually wish this was a tripped votive holder…but I thought the Staying Alive Saturday Night Fever reference for the Boney Bunch was hilarious!

YCV6This limo votive holder was my favorite! I love cats….and this piece was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may break down and buy this closer to Halloween!

Okay, so there were some of my Boney Bunch Highlights! Yankee Candle Village has a wonderful seasonal room set-up right now for all there Halloween candles and accessories….so I felt lucky to be there at this time! I cannot wait for fall, pumpkin lattes, and falling leaves!

Post II will be up tomorrow!

-Kari Ann-

Raspberry Lemon (Burt’s Bees)

RL2Anyone who knows me is aware of my addiction to Burt’s Bees chapstick. Jenna sent me a tin of the Burt’s Bees Tropical Mango for Easter and, although the throw was a tad light, I loved that my favorite beeswax company was making candles.

Well, Jenna also sent me a disc of soy wax melts in the scent Raspberry Lemon….and I must say that the wax melts are much better than the tin candles!

RLThe Scent: A tart and sweet balanced mix of ripe red raspberries and tart summer lemons! The soy wax also gives it a slight creamy note. It is the definition of summer fruits. I will also note that the melted scent is even more lemony and raspberry than the cold scent (the cold scent has that soy wax scent). A-

The Throw: While the throw is not going to blow you away, it is a huge upgrade from the tin candle I previously reviewed. I’d say it is between a medium and light-medium throw. It gently filled up my living room (probably my largest room) as a great background scent. It is the type of throw where you occasionally go “wow, that smells so good” then it fades into the background until you “re-smell” it. B-

So, I LOVE the Raspberry Lemon scent and would definitely try another soy wax melt from Burt’s Bees!

-Kari Ann

Silver White Winters

silverwhitewinters-e1320767895724My sister Jenna is awesome. She surprised me a few years ago by giving me Silver White Winters for Christmas.

Silver White Winters was an online only, exclusive, and very limited edition Yankee Candle released as part of the “My Favorite Things” candle collection (circa 2012). The sale of this candle (with the link) was announced via Facebook after a vote of which candle it should be!

I was hesitant to light this candle for the longest time….after all….it’s not like I can easily get another!

But then I thought…what good is a candle if I never get to experience it? So….Silver White Winters is my August large jar!

swwThe Scent: Wow! I love this scent! It is almost like a mash-up of Sparkling Snow and Christmas Tree. A mix of fresh, clean snowfall with aromatic spruce needles! You keep smelling different notes….from a clean masculine note, to that crystal clean “snow” note, to a sharp pine note. It’s unique and lovely! B+

The Throw: I was so worried that “limited edition” meant “limited oils” BUT the throw is actually quite nice! I’d give it a solid medium throw. While the scent radius is only average (keep it to a mid-sized room or burn on a table within 10 feet of your nose), it filled up my home office all weekend! It does “fade” into the background after your nose gets used to the scent…but it is far from scentless or weak! B

As a bonus, this one got the “What scent is this? I like it?” from my husband!

I will report back at the end of this one!

-Kari Ann-