Final Thoughts on Honey & Biscuits

I finished off my jar of Honey & Biscuits last night. It was bittersweet since 1) this was a UK limited edition scent I got at Deerfield with Jenna but 2) it tunneled like crazy and only had an average throw.

Now that I’ve had 100 somewhat hours burning Honey & Biscuits, how did it hold up to my original review?

honey3The Scent: This was a warm and inviting scent. The honey notes were strongest, giving it a subtle sweetness that was not too sugary. And the biscuit note added that warm “bread-like” note making it more hearty than dessert-like. It was overall a very nice scent! Still a B+

The Throw: My original review hold up. Pretty average. There will be times when a light-medium scent fills up most of my living room, but it quick became forgettable. Other times, it seems like the candle was giving off almost no throw! It wasn’t a horrible throw, just nothing very impressive. I’m knocking it down to a C

My October scent….Celebrate Christmas! (I told everyone that I burn out of season!)

-Kari Ann-

Crisp Morning Air

Crisp Morning Air is a new Fall 2015 Yankee Candle scent. This one would be categorized as a fresh scent and is actually very pleasant! I have a love or hate relationship with fresh scents, but this one hits all the right notes.

cmaThe Scent: It would be impossible to describe this scent. It does have that fresh, morning-air-in-autumn, scent. I honestly feel like everyone who smells this candle will detect different notes and memories. Story time: I used to live in a lakehouse. I was very lucky! It was a Sept-May rental when I was in grad school and the owner knew my husband. Crisp Morning Air smells like a cool October morning in Rhode Island on that small freshwater lake. I cannot decsribe any specific notes, just the memories it brings me! B+

The Throw: A perfect medium…and probably my favorite throw of the new fall scents! This one filled up my living room for hours. It was smellable the entire time, but never over-bearing! B+

While Crisp Morning Air may not be my favorite of the new fall scents, it had a great throw and was still incredible wonderful! If you like fresh scents, I recommend you give it a sniff!

It was not a traditional fall scent, in that it had no apple, pumpkin, or spice…but still smelled like autumn!

-Kari Ann

My Brother’s Wedding

spiced pumpkinMy brother got married this past weekend! It was so exciting and so much fun!

Well, since it was an autumn wedding, of course there were some autumn candles involved!

While we were getting ready for my new sister’s big day, her mother had a jar of Spiced Pumpkin burning! This scent is a classic fall scent by Yankee Candle beloved by many!

The Scent: Well, spiced pumpkin! This scent smells like a classic can of sweetened pureed pumpkin with a generous pinch of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg! Move aside Starbucks PSL! A-

The Throw: As always, the throw was great. A solid medium that will fill up a kitchen-sized room, but not be over-bearing. Perfect for setting the mood while cooking! B+

autumn wreathThe wedding was held in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. During the reception, a large jar of Autumn Wreath was burning in the ladies bathroom! This is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents!

The Scent: This one reminds me of a Michael’s Craft Store. It smells like a door wreath decoration with apple, cinnamon, and freshly fallen leaves. Definitely a late autumn scent! A+

The Throw: Another perfect room-filling scent. This one is a medium to strong-medium throw that completely filled that reception’s bathroom with the most perfect autumn scent! This is one you cannot go wring with! A

jaySo my brother is married! Jenna and I were both so honored to be bridesmaids and my husband Mike was a groomsman!

Happy Autumn (the best candle season in my opinion!)

-Kari Ann

Oahu Coconut Sunset

oahuMy new WallFlower scent is Oahu Coconut Sunset. I had not tried, or even sniffed, this Bath & Body Works scent, so I was excited to give it a try!

The Scent: Creamy coconut….this scent smells like really good sun tan lotion! It has a hint of amber, but that cooling coconut scent is just tropical-wonderfulness! It is refreshing, light, and simply perfect for a background scent in a bathroom/litterbox area! A-

The (Bulb) Throw: Really a great one! The throw from this bulb is exactly what you want from a WallFlower. You can smell it, especially when you first walk into the room, but it is not over-bearing. It is a great background, mood-setting, scent perfect for disguising my cat’s litterbox odors! A-

I am actually loving Oahu Coconut Sunset. If you like coconut or tropical-based scents, this WallFlower is worth seeking out! I’m 2 weeks into using it…and it’s been one of my all time favorites so far!

-Kari Ann-

Relaxing Rituals: Tranquil

A few nights ago, I finally tried the last Relaxing Rituals blends from Yankee Candle: Tranquil.

Tranquil is a mix of waterlily, spearmint, and sea salt. It smells like a trip to the spa.

TranquilThe Scent: Okay, so I really liked this one. The sea salt was fresh and did not give me a migraine (VERY rare for “ocean-based” scents). That “ocean” scent was dominant, but subdued by a hint of watery floral and a dash of cooling mint. Think about being at the ocean, while holding a waterlily, while drinking mint-infused water. It was light and airy, yet very soothing! B+

The Throw: This throw was a perfect medium. It was not too strong, but not weak by any means. It is a great mood-setting scent, as it sets a back-ground of this spa-like experience. It filled up my living room for multiple hours! B+

So that’s it! I’ve tried all of the Relaxing Rituals. Below I’ve order them by my (personal) favorite (from my favorite to least favorite).

4Uplift: lemon, grapefruit, ginger

Tranquil: water lily, spearmint, sea salt

Refresh: mandarin, eucalyptus, sage

Comfort: cardamon, rose, cedarwood

Calm: vanilla, lavender, sandalwood

Which is your favorite?

-Kari Ann

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is one of the new fall 2015 Yankee Candle scents.

I was excited to try this one! Cinnamon Sugar, a now retired Yankee Candle scent, had been a favorite of mine…and this one reminded me of that delicious spicy and sweet mash-up.

ssThe Scent: A wondrous mix of sanding sugar, fresh ground cinnamon, buttery caramel, maple, and vanilla. It is a childhood mix of soft candies and sweet taffies. BUT, those sweet and butter-like notes are more dominant; it left me wanting a touch more spice! And, in my opinion, that maple-like note was not needed! It still is yummy and definitely a fall baking scent. B

The Throw: My tart was only average. It was a light-medium throw that instantly faded into the background….the kind of throw your nose gets used to after only 20 minutes. So it is a fair scent. C+

In retrospect, this scent reminded me of Thanksgiving, so I may try it again in November. But, unfortunately, a confused scent with and average throw….nothing special, but nothing really bad to say….meh.

-Kari Ann

Churned Ice Cream

I got to sniff Churned Ice Cream a few months ago at my local Yankee Candle Outlet and fell in love!

This Limited Edition Summer 2015 scent, available at Yankee Candle outlets, is a perfect summer time treat! Jenna bought me a jar for my birthday this past weekend! Thank you Jenna!

churned ice creamUnfortunately, the throw so far has been meh :(

The Scent: A wonderful homemade vanilla ice cream! It smells smooth, creamy, hand-churned…..a perfect vanilla ice cream! It reminds me of getting an ice cream cone at a dairy farm on a summer evening! A+

The Throw: So far, the throw on this one has been very weak…almost scentless. You can only smell that delicious creamy vanilla if you place your nose right over the jar. I hope it picks up! So far, it has been burning like a dream at least! D-

So, an amazing scent with a poor throw. I will continue to burn and report back in a few weeks!

-Kari Ann