Candle Talk: Jar versus Tumbler

My friends all know I love candles…so they come to me with some really great questions!

One that comes up often: Tumbler or Jar…..which should I buy? They cost the same price, so it can be confusing when you are about to pay $27.99 for a multiple-hour commitment!

Let me give my opinions on large jars versus tumblers…but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!

sbcJar Candles


-Iconic candle shape

-Treasures and many “Special Edition” lines are only available as large jars

-Most accessories (like Illumalids and candle shades) are specified to jars

-Lasts longer (110 to 150 hours compared to at most 85 hours for a tumbler)

-Cheaper if you consider burn time (the math tells us it costs between 19 – 25 cents per hour to burn a large jar but it costs 33 cents per hour for the max burn time of a tumbler)

Cons: Kari’s opinions!

-More likely to tunnel (which can shorten that burn time and be frustrating!)

-Compared to tumblers, I often have shallower wax pools, resulting in weaker throws between the same scent.

Spice Island HolidayTumbler


-The double wick usually creates a more even burn…meaning less tunneling

-The wax pool and double wick often gives tumblers a stronger throw

-World Journeys are tumblers (bonus points!)

Cons: (Mostly the opposite of Jar pros)

-Burn time is much shorter (up to 85 hours for a tumbler compared to jars at up to 150 hours for a jar)

-Costs more to burn per hour since burn time is shorter

-Sometimes you cannot get a scent in a tumbler (such as Treasures….any of these are jar exclusives)

-Many cute accessories (most jar toppers) will not fit tumblers

So…jar or tumbler?

It’s completely a toss up for me! While I love the even wax pools and wonderful throws that tumblers provide….large jars offer so many perks (like cute accessories making it more of a decoration than candle)!

So what are your thoughts!!!?

-Kari Ann-


I picked up this tart of Grapefruit from the Simply Home Yankee Candle line a little while ago. I just love citrus-based scents….and grapefruit is no exception!

IMG_20150722_190735173I loved the Citrus Passion line from Yankee Candle release circa 2011….especially since it offered pure, un-tampered, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and lime scented candles! I also have to gush about the old Pink Grapefruit line at Bath & Body Works (from my childhood, circa 2000)….that body spray was one of my all time favorite scents period!

So how does this Outlet find of Pink Grapefruit hold up? Two words: no throw!

The Scent: (Cold only) A deliciously tart grapefruit with just a hint of natural sweetness. It smells like the first time you cut into a Ruby Red grapefruit…sharp, citrusy, acidic, and definitely fresh! I loved how it was pure grapefruit…and not a mix that dampened the citrus-fresh scent! B+

The Throw: Nothing….what a sad joke! This tart could have been labelled “scentless”. Unless I put my nose right over the wax pool…I couldn’t smell a thing! Epic failure and disappointment! F

So, obviously, Grapefruit;s lack of throw was a turn-off! But I’ll still have hope that a strong throw grapefruit scent will make its way to Yankee Candle someday!

-Kari Ann-

Country Lemonade

downloadJenna reviewed one of her favorite candles yesterday, London from Bath & Body Works….

So I got inspired to review one of mine: Country Lemonade from Yankee Candle!

I actually reviewed Country Lemonade back in 2012 when I was sad to learn that it had been discontinued after only one season and this would not be returning. To this day, Country Lemonade is still one of may favorites. The sweet lemon scent is pretty unique among the multitude of other lemon scents…and the throw is always amazing!

CLThe Scent: A very sweet, yet still tart, lemonade scent. The lemon note is strong and sharp, but is perfectly balanced by the insane sugar rush! It is so perfect. Image drinking a sugar-rimmed glass of Country Time Lemonade during a hot summer day by the pool (or in my childhood, the sprinkler and slip n’ slide). A+

The Throw: While the amazing scent of Country Lemonade earns a spot on my top 10 list, its incredible and dependable throw earns it a top 3 spot. The throw is a perfect strong….not too over-bearing or headache-inducing…but will fill up a large room and demand attention. I have never had a dud of this scent! A+

So there you go….if you like lemon-based scents, or sweet scents…hunt down Country Lemonade. I was so sad to see this scent go away so quickly, but it occasionally pops up as a treasure or in an outlet.

-Kari Ann-


So I have not allowed myself to buy candles for myself for a quite awhile. I was doing so great. Then last weekend, while I was buying a gift for a friend in bath and body works, I saw the one candle from there that I can never pass up-London Calling. 

This scent was first was first released right before Christmas in 2012–the day of their $8 candle sale. It smelled amazing and I bought it for several people. The scent is “tea and lemon.” You can really detect both scents, along with a little extra sugar. The scent came back out last year and I bought it again–as well as a wallflower. The throw is amazing on both–you could smell in on both floors of my house. 

This is, they didn’t released the “world” candles around Christmas they they had the previous two years, I was upset and though that meant they had stopped doing it. Fortunately, they were just releasing them later than the previous years and put them out for the summer this year. I saw them during the SAS (Hawaii, Istanbul, Amsterdam, etc) but not the London one. When I saw it last week, I let out a squeal in the store and even my fiancé told me to buy it. They changed the name, now it’s just London, but it still smells just as amazing. Everyone should run out and grab this scent while they can!


Ginger Dusk

My random tart selection process led me to try Ginger Dusk last night. This is a scent I picked up a little while ago at a Yankee Candle outlet. At the time, I had never seen, or heard of, Ginger Dusk, so grabbed a tart to try.

My review in one word: YUCK!

ginger duskThe Scent: This scent was a weird powdery, musky mix. To me, it was just “off”. It only took about 30 minutes (only part of the tart melted) for me to get nauseous and have to turn it off! It didn’t melt it long enough for me to really give Ginger Dusk a description! It was a fresh-based scent that I will avoid in the future! F

The Throw: Well, it started to take off (medium throw) after about 30 minutes, but it was so gross…I’ll never know the true throw! ????

So, obviously I hated Ginger Dusk. Yuck! Not my type of scent! Too perfumey and powdery! But don’t let me stop you from trying it!

-Kari Ann-

Interview on The Candle Review

J&KJenna and I were recently interviewed by The Candle Review.

We had so much fun discussing the questions….particularly the worst scent (#4) and how we decide which candles to light when we’re together (#7)!

Check out our interview here!

And a big Thank You to The Candle Review…check out this blog for some great reviews, tips and tricks on candles! It was such a fun and wonderful experience!

-Kari Ann-

Georgia Peach (Bath & Body Works)

peach1I love the scent of peaches! One of my favorite summertime treats is a grilled peach with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (and maybe a drizzle of honey or chocolate!). So of course I grabbed this Wallflower of Georgia Peach from Bath & Body Works (White Barn)! Unfortunately, this is a rare “weak” bulb.

The Scent: A light and juicy peach scent with just a hint of vanilla cream. It is slightly sweeter than Market Peach (a BBW classic), but still smells like summer to me! B+

PeachThe (Bulb) Throw: It’s a rare miss! I’ve only had a few “weak” Wallflowers, and this one makes that list! It can barely smell it…you have to be almost standing over the outlet to smell anything! D-

So, this one was disappointing. It doesn’t matter how good it smells it you can’t smell anything when it’s plugged in!

-Kari Ann