Sun Tea

I bought this tart of Sun Tea from the Yankee Candle Home Classics line at an outlet store a few months ago.

sun teaI actually have never heard the term sun tea…I had to look it up! I learned that sun tea is iced tea, just the tea is steeped outside in the heat of the summer sun. From my search, I also learned that sun tea is debated whether it’s healthy or not since bacteria can thrive during that steeping process.

I digress…..this one was disappointing!

The Scent: It seemed kind of ‘stale.’ The tea notes came off as being waxy with a slight scent of lemon and brewed tea. I am not sure if this tart was just old or if Sun Tea is just a bland scent. D+

The Throw: I’d put this at a light to light-medium throw. It started out slow, but weirdly, after a few hours, the scent seemed to pick up slightly. Nothing special. C-

Not sure what to think of this one….my guess, the tart was old and stale. Regardless, it did not remind me of Tea & Honey, so I was disappointed!

-Kari Ann

Vanilla Snowflake

vsf1My mom gave me Vanilla Snowflake from Bath & Body Works for Christmas!

First off, I love the color! That icy blue is pretty close to the blue color in Jenna’s upcoming wedding (and her bridal shower!)

I also really like the snowflake cover! B&BW has been crushing it with pretty candle covers!

The Scent: Don’t let the name fool you, this is a vanilla mint scent and it is perfection! The vanilla is the dominant note, but the mint is ever-present and icy cool! If you like Yankee Candle’s North Pole, give this one a try! A-

vsf2The Throw: Very nice, I’d say a medium. It fills up a pretty large room with with a scent that can be detected the entire time it’s lit. It is a bit more subdued compared to other B&BW candles, but definitely a solid throw! B+

Overall, I am really enjoying Vanilla Snowflake! And it definitely fits in as a winter/holiday scent!

-Kari Ann

Canary Island Banana

ban1Canary Island Banana is a World Journey scent that I have been holding on to for a few years now. My sister and her fiance gave me this coveted two-label candle about 3-4 years ago.

Well, seeing as it got to 60 degrees over the weekend here in Maryland, I felt it was tropical enough to finally try it!

The Scent: A wonderful creamy banana scent. It reminds me of the banana Runt candies I loved as a kid. It is pure banana and really transports you to a tropical island! A


The Throw: I was shocked by how good this throw was. The cold sniff is pretty faint, so I did not have high expectations. But the lit throw is easily a medium and fills up my living room! It’s not a ‘blow your socks off’ throw, but it is definitely smellable from anywhere you sit in the room it’s lit! A-

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever come across another purely banana scent. Canary Island Banana is unique as a candle, but familiar as a scent!

ban2And for those of you who like reading the second-label story: “Escape to La Palma, the greenest of Spain’s Canary Islands, where forests and banana plantations create a quiet, relaxed Eden that’s reflected in the sweet, creamy aroma of luscious Canary Island bananas.”

-Kari Ann

Pumpkin Cheesecake (Wallflower)

I bought a half dozen Wallflower bulbs from Bath & Body Works during the winter Semi-Annual Sale.

I love having a plug-in near my cat’s litter box …just in case!

pumcheeseAbout a week ago, I randomly selected Pumpkin Cheesecake as my February scent. It is secondarily named Home and part of the White Barn brand!

The Scent: Wow! A great and evolving scent. The first few days, it smelled liked a creamy pumpkin spice cheesecake. About a week later, the pumpkin notes have softened and the bakery note has ramped up! It seriously smells like I am baking pumpkin cream cheese brownies! A-

The (bulb) Throw: Great! It has been filling up my laundry room, kitchen, and dinning room in an ever-present but not over-bearing scent! Definitely masking any litter box scents! A-

Overall, I am quite happy with this “Home” scent!

-Kari Ann

Scentbeads Cinnamon Roll

Yesterday, I decided to try a Scentbeads tart of Cinnamon Roll.

cinrollScentbeads are  sold in Walgreens and a few other places…but you can also find them at Yankee Candle Outlets. The Scentbead brand is actually a division of Yankee Candle and people seem to really like them!

The Scent: Well, this tart had a strong maple scent and nothing really else. I did not get any notes of cinnamon and it did not resemble a bakery treat to me. But, the maple note was quite nice, in fact, one of the best maple-based scents I’ve ever tried. So the scent fails at being a cinnamon roll, but after the maple shock, was pretty nice. (Tricky grading…I say it earns a C for effort) C

The Throw: Near perfection! It took a little while to take off, maybe 30 minutes, but once it did, my entire living room was filled with a maple scent. It even drifted into my kitchen. It was a medium-strong, but not over-bearing. (Too strong scents give me a headache). A

Overall, I liked Scentbeads, but this scent should be called Maple not Cinnamon Roll. I was sad when Yankee Candle retired their Cinnamon Roll scent after only one season…and this is definitely not a replacement. But, if you like Maple Pancakes, give this a try.

Or maybe I got a mislabeled tart? Guess I’ll have to try it again!

-Kari Ann

Kitchen Spice

My mother-in-law Laura gave me a jar of Kitchen Spice for Christmas. I actually am not sure if I’ve ever tried this Yankee Candle scent!

kitchenKitchen Spice just seemed like the perfect to burn as we here in the DC area prepare for the blizzard.

The Scent: Warm, friendly, inviting! It’s like all the great fall/winter spices were ground together! I can smell dried orange peel, which brings a wonderful citrus note, but the cinnamon and clove bring a lovely spiciness. And then the ginger smells slightly candied, adding a subtle sweetness! Very well balanced! A-

The Throw: The definition of a solid medium. It fills up my living room and create a warm environment. It’s not overbearing and you can smell it for however long you have it lit! A-

Overall, I am loving Kitchen Spice!

-Kari Ann

New Target Candle Scents

targetThe DC-Metro area is preparing for a potentially massive winter storm….which includes me! I stopped by Target yesterday on my way home from work to pick up extra supplies (cat food, snacks, toilet paper) just in case.

Well, I ended up walking by the Signature Soy candles and had to take a few sniffs!

Sugared Meringue, Sangia Sunset, Coconut Cake, and Strawberry Gelato! Wow these smelled great!

My favorites were Strawberry Gelato and Coconut Cake.

Strawberry Gelato had an icy-fruity slush scent and coconut cake smelled like a heavenly vanilla & coconut cream dessert!

I did not buy any….but I sure was tempted!

-Kari Ann